Bourbon Pairings and an Upcoming Event at Salt Creek Grille – Princeton

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Bourbon is projected to be a huge trend in 2019, and Salt Creek Grille – Princeton is offering its guests a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience to savor this spirit. To celebrate, Bar Manager Chad Landsberg shares his recommendations for the top picks this year along with food pairings, all available at Salt Creek Grille.

Best Sipper

Angel’s Envy Rye: This can be a bit of a rare find at most restaurants but it’s a home run in my book. This rye is finished in Caribbean rum casks to give it a unique and sweet finish. Their bourbon finished with port barrels goes along the same path. It’s going to be a bit more on the expensive side but well worth it to have a nice clean product with nothing to add—other than a nice ice cube.

Food Pairing: I would love the Angel’s Envy Rye with something nice and salty. Our bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer is a perfect companion. Getting the sweet and smooth finish of the rye combined with the salty bacon flavor of the shrimp is a winning combo.

Best Mixer

Bulleit Rye: Overall, this is just a great product for any bar. It can be enjoyed neat but really shines when mixed in something like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. The flavor is not overpowering in Bulleit which allows mixing and crafting with it a breeze. The vanilla, honey, and spice notes on this bourbon make it a winner on any cocktail menu.

Food Pairing: A Bulleit Manhattan would complement any great pork chop. The oaky flavors from the drink paired with the savory notes of a perfectly grilled pork chop are amazing!

Hidden Gem

Blanton’s Single Barrel: If you have not heard of this, that’s because its cult following drinks it all up as soon as a new bottle hits the shelves. It’s a very smooth and easy-to-drink whiskey. Awesome notes of citrus and vanilla are evident on the first sip. It’s amazing for the winter as it will warm you right up. If you can find it at your local bar or restaurant, please enjoy!

Food Pairing: This is a great dessert spirit. The butter cake here or some vanilla ice cream would go beautifully with this sweet and creamy bourbon.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Angel’s Envy Bourbon: I may have gushed a bit over the rye, but the bourbon is also a perfected crafted spirit. Another unique flavor in the whiskey world, due to the port barrels used in the maturation process to make the Envy. The best part about this spirit is its cost. Compared to other whiskeys like it, the price will be very close to your more common Cadillac brands such as Woodford, Maker’s, or Buffalo Trace. But the flavor is what separates this from the competition and makes it unique. The vanilla and toasted nuts flavors work beautifully with the sweet port wine finish.

Food Pairing: Just like the rye, anything nice and salty would be amazing with this bourbon. Anything with bacon would be great as well.

Tasting: January 25

Join the team at Salt Creek Grille – Princeton to sip, sample, and savor a collection of bourbon and whiskey uniquely paired with a three-course meal by Executive Chef Wally Weaver. The restaurant is teaming up with Allied Beverage‘s Craft Cocktail Specialist Steve Fetteto to take a trip down south with southern and midwestern style bourbons such as Clyde Mays, F.E.W., and Knob Creek. The dinner/tasting event is on Friday, January 25, at 6:30 p.m., and the cost is $125, all inclusive. Reservations are limited, so call 609-419-4200 to reserve your spot.

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