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Let us help your New Jersey Restaurant gain new business, positive reviews, media attention and build customer loyalty. is the property of Foxtrot Media LLC, a full-service marketing agency in New Jersey.

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How We Are Different

We are able to offer our restaurant clients a very unique set of benefits and assets that no other agency can offer.

  • Guaranteed PR as we are the owners of (est. 2007)
  • Social amplification through all of Jersey Bites’ social accounts (18K on Instagram. 82% Restaurant enthusiasts)
  • Proven track record in generating business through paid social media ad campaigns
  • 20+ years experience in the Social Media Marketing space
  • In depth knowledge of the food & beverage industry in New Jersey
  • In depth knowledge of local search and review generation
  • Personal relationships with many NJ-based social media influencers
  • In-house photography and creative design (you can see samples on
  • Extensive experience in Email marketing for restaurants

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the #1 marketing tool for the restaurant industry, but unfortunately, restaurants more often than not, are too busy to stay on top of the daily activity needed to make social media really work. We can help. Whether you are looking for just a push with social media set up and some consulting, or you want to hand us the keys and take on the daily management, we’ve got you covered. We take the photos (beautiful photos check out for examples of our work) create video, write the copy and monitor your accounts for all questions and comments.

Facebook / Instagram Advertising

The Average American Spends 40 Minutes a Day on Facebook & Instagram. These platforms provide laser focused targeting whether you are trying to reach cooking enthusiasts, bourbon fans or Moms with children ages 9 – 11, with the right person at the wheel of your Facebook/Instagram ad targeting, you can see some pretty amazing ROI. The real beauty of Facebook/Instagram ads is the viral component to well-targeted ads. When you get people commenting, liking and sharing your ads that is when the social media word-of-mouth magic happens.

Website Development

Whether you are looking for a brand new website or need to refresh an existing website, we can help. Don’t let other agencies talk you into an expensive site that is way more than what you need. We know what restaurants need to attract customers and get found in the search engines.

  • Up to five pages, such as Home (can be decorative or be a combo image slider/descriptive text content), Menus, Galleries, About, Events, Contact
  • Menus – which can be either static text or embedded from an external feed (like Yext) then natively styled.
  • Embedded reservation component, e.g., OpenTable or external reservations page link, e.g., Yelp reservations page
  • Image galleries (up to 30 different images)
  • Home page image slider (up to 10 different slide images)
  • Integrated social media feed (Facebook or Twitter embeds), links to other social media
  • On-page SEO, basic analytics

We maintain your business listings and menus on over 50 sites, including Yelp, Google, Yahoo and Bing. In today’s intelligent search environment, your customers are looking for “a great burger place near me” or “brunch spots in my town” we make sure you get found for the keywords most important to reaching customers.

The restaurant with the most reviews WINS! End of story.

5 star restaurant reviews


With today’s internet savvy consumers, there is no shortage of places where your customers can leave reviews on their experiences. With your location listed across hundreds of sites, simply staying on top of it all is impossible for the average restaurant owner. We have the solution to help generate positive reviews and monitor them for timely responses.


Media Outreach / Public Relations

Pitching to bloggers and journalists takes know-how and an established network. We’ve got both. Let us help you arrange your next media dinner, press event or PR campaign.

Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your customers and driving repeat visits is where Email marketing shines. Weekly promotions, event invites and drool worthy images will keep them coming back.



Your story is unique and you know it. Your message should impact your audience with deep resonance – your story should be one that truly endures. Video is such a powerful marketing tool in today’s landscape. It helps your website with Search Engine Optimization, it of course tells your story and can be used on Social Media and in paid ads on Social Media. We partner with an award winning Video production team that creates some of the best restaurant videos around.

What makes us the best choice for your Restaurant?

  1. Our website and it’s social following which we have cultivated since 2007 is here to support our clients and extend their visibility and brand recognition. NO OTHER AGENCY can produce this kind of in-house media support and influence. We get pitched every day by public relations firms trying to get their clients coverage on Jersey Bites. Our clients already have guaranteed coverage.
  2. We also have great relationships with other Instagram influencers because we are one of them.
  3. In-house photography and video. Beautiful food photography is included with your social media package. We don’t have to hire expensive photographers and pass on the cost to our clients.
  4. Seasoned, experienced restaurant marketers. We’ve seen what works for our restaurant clients. You benefit from our experience.