Sweet Bee Granola, Based in Maplewood


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Have you discovered the glory of Sweet Bee Granola? Packed full of sweet little bites of oats, nuts, seeds and plumb dried fruit, it is good-for-you deliciousness at its best! Sweet Bee Granola is made for granola-loving, super-duper busy people who enjoy small-batch artisanal, healthy products.

Kevin and Shelly Photiades, Sweet Bee founders and owners, Jersey Bites
Shelly and Kevin Photiades, Sweet Bee Granola founders and owners

Kevin and Shelly Photiades manufacture Sweet Bee Granola in Maplewood. It all started about five or six years ago, when the couple started looking for a healthier, super food breakfast alternatives to high sugar cereals, processed granolas, and other fat-laden, manufactured products. They developed this partially baked, nourishing granola with the hopes of “promoting a natural food product that is a healthy breakfast option” says Kevin. With surprising additions like pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, I’d say they succeeded.

Here are a few reasons why I like Sweet Bee Granola:

1. It’s partially baked to seal in the flavors and then the baking process is finished in your own home. The result is impressive, fresh granola.
2. It’s yummy, packed full of delicious ingredients and it tastes like it’s made completely from scratch!
3. It’s really, really easy to make. All you need is a baking sheet, an oven, and six to eight minutes.
4. Baking it will make your home smell amazing: nutty, sweet, fresh, and delicious.
5. It supports local, NJ-based food makers.
6. It has no suspicious ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or preservatives.
7. It’s a good way to introduce kids to baking. Kevin notes that when kids are involved in the cooking process, they often savor their success. And this is one sweet, healthy success that will fuel your child with good stuff!

In addition, Sweet Bee Granola offers three different granola combinations: orange cranberry, apple cinnamon, and cherry almond. No matter which one you choose, I know that you will love it! You can visit them online and follow them on Facebook for recipes and updates.

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