Budding Entrepreneurs, Take Note: Pilotworks Launchpad Hits North Jersey

Pilotworks brings its newest location to Newark, New Jersey, as it kicks off its Launchpad program here as well. Pilotworks serves as the country’s largest operator of on-demand kitchen space, targeted toward food entrepreneurs who hope to learn about the food business, and hope to transform their ideas as from proposals to launches. The goal of Pilotworks is to provide the tools and means necessary to ease what is sure to be a challenging journey into the food and restaurant business.

The Program

Pilotworks is debuting Launchpad courses across the country in a six-week accelerated program focused on entrepreneurs new to the food game. Launchpad hopes to teach participants to be strategic in their planning and to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to start a business. Pilotworks staff and industry professionals lead courses for a special introductory price of $100 (regular price is $450). The Launchpad curriculum covers marketing, finance, licensing and more.

Throughout the course, participants learn about potential hardships along with the rewards that come with starting a food business. Participants have access to an online version of Launchpad and are exposed to a community of entrepreneurs. Online access opens the door for them to connect with fellow participants and mentors who can offer assistance. Check out the Pilotworks Launchpad schedule for Brooklyn and Newark!

Launchpad Schedule for Newark

  • July 25: Introduction to Starting a Food Business
  • August 1: Food Business Licensing 101
  • August 8: Storytelling and Marketing
  • August 15: Finance for Food Makers
  • August 21: Cooking in a Commercial Kitchen, Part 1
  • August 23: Cooking in a Commercial Kitchen, Part 2
  • August 29: Launch Day and Graduation

All sessions start at 6 p.m. The schedule above also pertains to Brooklyn, NY, and Dallas, TX.

Members can take advantage of reasonably priced shared kitchens with 24-hour access, as well as mentorship programs.

“Our vision is to change the landscape of the food industry, and our job is to remove the barriers that keep entrepreneurs from achieving their goals,” said Zach Ware, CEO of Pilotworks. “Launchpad provides food entrepreneurs with the information they need to fast-track their business. It’s important to us that we not only provide kitchen space for food makers, but the tools and resources necessary to succeed.”

To learn more about Pilotworks, click here. To register for the program click here.



Images all courtesy of Pilotworks.