Heavenly Health Cafe in Somers Point

Vegetable Soup with Spaghetti SquashI was doing my regular weekly shopping trek to the Somers Point ShopRite and missed the light to make the left into to the shopping center parking lot. I had to go to the next traffic light and after I cursed under my breath, it turned out to be a good thing. Low and behold a new restaurant had opened in place of Chubby’s. Was it a sign, a lucky coincidence or kismet?!  Who knows, but in it’s place was Heavenly Health Cafe. Talk about opposites! Hopefully it is a sign of better things to come in regard to better food choices. The name certainly was promising. Inside was a warm dining room with a gleaming open air stainless steel cook area. When I first arrived we were the only two in the place, ( I dragged my husband along to carry all the bags, I mean to help) but it quickly filled with people. The young waitress was friendly and helpful. We were told all the soup was made fresh and from scratch and the fruit, veggies and meats were organic as much as possible. Their breads are locally sourced.  We both ordered the Vegetable Soup which came hot and full of veggies in a flavorful tomato broth with spaghetti squash “Noodles”. Neither of us missed the pasta noodles and the next time I make my own vegetable soup I am going to steal that idea!

Turkey Panini SandwichMy husband Richard chose the Whole Grain Grilled Pannini with house baked hand carved turkey, brie, cranberry chutney,  and honey mustard, a delicious sounding combo, and I decided to stick with a salad.

Beet SaladI love Roasted Beets so it was a no brainer for me, they had a Roasted Beet, Arugula, Pears, Goat Cheese with Sliced Almonds topped with a House Made Wine Vinagarette. It was yummy with just the right blend of bitter and sweet and creamy goat’s cheese to round it out. And oh so good for you too. And my husband devoured his pannini saying it was moist and juicey and the combo of brie and cranberry chutney made him think of Thanksgiving all rolled into one sandwich. So that is a good thing because Thanksgiving is one of my husband’s favorite holidays. Ask about juicing! They will make design one for you. The sisters plan on building a juice bar soon.

Owners and sisters Marie Peterson and Joan Branella told us that all the soups, dressings, chutneys and sauces are created with loving hands in the restaurant. Also the turkey and chicken is roasted fresh here. No red meat is served. Peterson is a health care professional employed as a medical assistant, so she wanted to make food that not only tasted delicious, but was healthier fare as well. A much needed and welcome addition to our south shore area. Their father was a pharmacist in Atlantic City’s Italian, Ducktown section for many years and they grew-up on Georgia Avenue. All food was homemade at home as well!

I will be back for sure! This a gem for all who want to eat healthfully as well as deliciously. Remember your body is a temple so be mindful of what you put into it. Heavenly Health Cafe is currently open six days a week from 8AMto 4PM serving breakfast and lunch. Catering and parties are available for up to 50. Plans for dinner are in the works! Please hurry!

Heavenly Health Cafe
581 Ocean Heights Avenue/Bethel Road
Somers Point. 609-601-1700.

Michele Errichetti is from South Jersey born and fed. She comes from an Italian family where they eat, live, and breathe FOOD. Michele was cooking and eating under her grandmom’s feet every Sunday for “gravy” and at home with her mother (a Medigan or American) during the week. Nowadays, she cooks for her two sons, husband, and father most days of the week. She takes “Girl Road Trips” with her friends at least once a month that always culminate with you guessed it, FOOD. She hopes fresh, local, organic, and free range will become the norm. Michele is searching Atlantic County for everything that has anything to do with good food and she’s taking you along for the ride.