Melissa Beveridge

Melissa dog cropMelissa Beveridge is a freelance writer, editor, and holistic nutritionist. Her goal is to lead a fulfilling life that’s full of flavorful foods and rich memories. And luckily for her, she gets to share her “how to” on combining her foodie appetite with her passion for healthy living.

Melissa and her husband Tyler are known to take trips within a moments notice, including flying off to El Salvador for the surf, Ischia for the fresh fish, and Todos Santos for the perfect margartia and taco. Their adventures often lead them to the road less traveled, whether it’s figuring out how to drive stick shift up a 3 mile dirt hill without being attacked by sheepdogs in Tuscany or finding the serene ledge in Acadia Park overlooking the vast Atlantic bobbed with lobster traps.

europe crop
EIMG_1264 cropven though Melissa’s travels have lingered on her tastebuds and mind, she always heads back to New Jersey with renewed enthusiasm, bringing back recipes to share with friends and family. Her dream is to cultivate a large garden with the hope that her future chickens will enjoy the other loves of her life, her dog, Layla, and cat, Batman. You will most likely find her lounging on the beach with a good book, cracking jokes with friends and family, running with her dog, or “womanning” the kitchen and grill while sipping a margarita.

Connect with her at and Twitter @MelissaBinAP

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