“Let’s Do It Right:” Fish and Chips at the Chippery

With locations in Jersey City, Union, Elizabeth, Manhattan, and beyond, The Chippery sees most customers start their experience with a standard fish-and-chips order. And for customers looking to customize their orders, the options go above and beyond standard.

In 2013, Shaalan founded The Chippery. Today, the members of his inspired staff have perfected their process for providing scratch-made fish and chips across multiple locations around the Garden State—and beyond.

From Blue Chip to Fish and Chips

Years ago, Shalaan’s father, Adie, had several food trucks at Newark airport, and he says he grew up next to a fish-and-chips place that he really enjoyed, in Fanwood. Still, a career in the restaurant world wasn’t always his plan. As a young adult, he earned a business degree, and got his start in the corporate world, but that would not be his last stop on the career train.

“I thought back to my father’s businesses, and it inspired me to open my own restaurant,” Shaalan said. In 2013, he founded the Chippery. Was it scary? Sure. Nevertheless, he made it happen, saying, “I came into the business and just got better.”

Not Your Average Fish and “Chipps”

Over his years in business, Shaalan and company have refined their recipes and techniques to offer the best possible product. The Chippery’s chefs and cooks make their own batter and signature seasonings.

“We have specific techniques after what we’ve seen over the years,” said Shaalan. “We ventilate every takeout box to make sure the food doesn’t get soggy.” And in the world of fish and chips, avoiding sogginess is serious business.

overhead shot of Chippery food

“There is a certain period that we have to get the fish away from the fryers, so the heat doesn’t make it soggy,” he said, noting that the Chippery’s team members are all in the loop on the right approach. “We’ve had to pick up these little techniques that people don’t often see but will separate us from other restaurants.”

The attention to detail and quality doesn’t stop with the fish, and at the Chippery, you won’t find a standard long French fry either. Instead, when you open your ventilated box, get ready for perfectly puffy fried cottage chips, aka Chipps, which pair well with every menu item.

Secrets to the Sauce

With four different tartar sauces, it’s safe to say that Shaalan has spent serious time perfecting this important component of the fish-and-chips experience. While most fish and chips restaurants have premade tartar sauces, he said, “We make our own from-scratch tartar sauces like honey mustard tartar sauce, cilantro-lime tartar sauce, and chipotle tartar sauce.” 

Something for Everyone

As the Chippery evolves and grows as a business, its menu grows right along with it. Customers will notice seafood options ranging from shrimp to calamari and clam strips. And for non-fish fans, or regulars ready to switch it up, Shaalan and company have a great fried chicken option on the menu.

The Chipperys Fried Twinkie
The Chipperys Fried Twinkie

Fried and True

The layers of what’s available at the Chippery are part of what make it a true destination. With combination meals like the Chick Parade, which includes chicken, fish, and chips; the Crab & Go; and the Tsunami, you’ll be talking about the Chippery long after you walk out the door. And the fried fun continues well past the entrees, with desserts like fried Oreos, fried Twix, and fried Twinkies.

Out and About

The Chippery has a location on four wheels that Shaalan uses to cater private events, birthday parties, and corporate events. It’s connected him with some great people, places, and longtime clients. “Where I like spending my time is doing the events—that’s what I love to do,” said Shaalan. “The thing I like about the food truck is that I get to see different parts of NJ and experience new areas.”

The Chippery Food Truck
The Chippery Food Truck in front of Kean University

With clients like Kean University, Jaguar, and beyond, the Chippery’s catering resume is quite impressive. “[Companies] want a brand that they can boast about,” said Shaalan. “They like what we’re doing, they like the truck and the food, and we’ve become a reliable business partner [to them].”

The business continues to expand beyond its Garden State and Manhattan locations. “We have a ghost kitchen in California and we’re on our way to opening another in Fort Lauderdale, FL,” Shaalan said. These not-so-spooky ghost kitchens have popped up worldwide in recent years, with celebrities like Guy Fieri, DJ Pauly D, and Dwayne Wade getting in on the action.

He also noted a partnership with a company called Combo Kitchen. “They offer our franchise to different people, so you’ll see the Chippery in different locations around the country,” he said.

Chips at the Chippery
The famous Chippery “Chipp”
Chippery owner in front of Union location
Owner Tamer Shaalan at The Chippery’s Union location

“Let’s Do It Right”

Before he founded the Chippery, Shaalan noticed a hole in the market. Being a fish-and-chips lover, he had never found another place in NJ that quite matched the quality of his old go-to spot in Fanwood.

After getting married, Shaalan and his wife, Sandra, moved to Bayonne, NJ, where he took a chance on a small retail location in 2013. “I said, ‘Let’s do it and let’s do it right.’” And that they did.

Shaalan made it a point to use all fresh ingredients and a “from-scratch” approach as he started the restaurant, and this has not changed for the business. He shared the story of the Chippery’s fries, and just like that things came full circle. “When I first opened Bayonne, I was looking everywhere for these fries,” he said. “A day before we opened, a lady came by and said she used to supply the chips for the [place I loved] in Fanwood. It was perfect. And from there it was history.”

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