It’s been a long time since I’ve written about Fourth Creek’s sweet red pepper relish. It was their first product and I absolutely fell in love with it. I’m a huge red pepper jam fan. If I use my imagination, I can find 101 ways to work it into my favorite recipes. If you’re making lamb this Easter, it’s the perfect accompaniment. Ditch the mint jelly and instead add some fresh, finely chopped mint to this Rumson, New Jersey, company’s red pepper relish. I doubt you will ever eat lamb without it again. 

The Fourth Creek product line has expanded over the years, with several new and exciting relish varieties. It’s available in grocery stores and specialty shops across the state and nationally.

I’m obsessed with the balsamic vinegar and peppers, which you can add to practically anything for a wonderful tang and sweetness. I love it on sandwiches and, as pictured below, with spaghetti squash and turkey sausage. It elevates a pretty boring diet dish to something completely satisfying with just 40 added calories for two tablespoons. On the Fourth Creek website, it’s described as “buttery, basil-y, bruschetta like. Sweet and savory at the same time. Rich notes of butter and olive oil, balanced by balsamic and basil with sweet and savory peppers and onions.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

spaghetti squash with balsamic vinegar and peppers relish

Fourth Creek Food Co. founder Andy Schiavetti, whose mother first developed the sweet red pepper relish recipe, began Fourth Creek Food Co. in 2010 to “capture the memories of his childhood in a jar: good times with friends and family at summer BBQs, family dinners, and neighborhood parties.”

The family served Andy’s mom’s sweet red pepper relish at every gathering throughout his childhood, and as their group of family and friends grew, so did the requests for the relish. Soon enough, the relish became a calling card that was always around—brought along to every party, holiday, and beach trip.

I recently tried it with Brussels sprouts and found my new favorite way to make them. It adds the perfect balance of sweetness and acid to the dish. 

New Varieties to Try

The new smoky chipotle corn relish is a fantastic addition to liven up nachos, queso, hot dogs—you name it. I tried it as a topper to these Mexican stuffed peppers. It would also make a great dip, mixed with black beans. 

One of the company’s newer products is the cucumber relish, which is sweet and chunky. I think it would be fantastic in a tartar sauce or in potato salad. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it during grilling season. 

Fourth Creek Cucumber Relish on a Hot Dog

Fourth Creek Relish varieties
Fourth Creek Relish varieties

I hope you’ll give Fourth Creek relishes a try. Tag me with your creations on Instagram @JerseyBites.

You can find Fourth Creek relish in 20 states and you can purchase it online. Check out their store locator for a location near you.

Note: The writer received complimentary samples.