Cargot: A Taste of Paris in Princeton

Nestled within the Princeton University campus is a true taste of Paris. Serving up daily plats du jour, homemade pastries, and more, Cargot Brasserie is part of the Fenwick Hospitality Group. Cargot’s menu features French-inspired dishes made with ingredients from their farm. Planning a visit to Princeton? Here’s what you need to know about Cargot Brasserie.

1. Cargot is open for three meals a day.

Cargot is a full-service restaurant offering diners options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you are in the mood for a morning croissant and coffee or an evening meal of beef bourguignon and beaujolais, this brasserie can satisfy your every craving.

Frisée and Pork Belly Salad with a Soft Poached Egg and Mustard Vinaigrette
Frisée and pork belly salad with a soft poached egg and mustard vinaigrette

2. Plats du jour are featured daily.

Cargot features classic French dishes for each day of the week.

Sunday: Rabbit macaroni
Monday: Coq au vin
Tuesday: Moules frites
Wednesday: Sweetbreads
Thursday: Beef bourguignon
Friday: Lobster Thermidor
Saturday: Calf’s liver
Bon appétit!

Charcuterie and Cheeseboard + Glass of Sancerre
Charcuterie and cheese board, with a glass of Sancerre

3. Cargot has both a full bar and dining room.

Cargot combines classic dishes with contemporary interpretations in several distinct dining spaces. Upon entering Cargot, your eye is drawn to the long marble bar and booths made from repurposed train benches. The ambiance is vibrant and airy: white and gold accents complement the attractive tile floor. At first glance, it may feel as though you’ve entered an actual French cafe. After the bar area, you turn a corner and find yourself in a separate, serene dining room. With the ceiling’s exposed beams the space’s large stone fireplace, the environment is inviting yet tranquil.

4. It’s all in a name.

The brasserie’s name ties in a reminder of of escargot while acknowledging the spot’s original use: as a cargo hold for the train station. In 2017, the 100-year old stone building underwent a restoration and expansion.

Cargot Brasserie
98 University Place
Princeton, NJ 08540