B.GOOD Gets Fresh and Sustainable with “Food with Roots”

Fast-casual, farm-to-table restaurant chain B.GOOD has launched its Food with Roots campaign to promote clean and locally sourced food and will be serving up delicious seasonal menu additions.

Cofounder and CEO Anthony Ackil’s initial mission for the restaurant was to serve clean and affordable fare inspired by the food he grew up eating as a child.

Now recognized as a pioneer in the fast-food service industry with locations in 11 states, B.GOOD aims to use its platform as a way to advocate for clean food and supporting local communities.

Food with Roots

“The Food with Roots campaign is a great way for us to talk about our three key pillars: giving back to the community, family and tradition, and really knowing the roots of our food and where it comes from,” said Kim Cerato, B.GOOD’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The brand was founded with a mission to connect with communities that were involved in the sourcing of our ingredients and hopefully make a social impact, and the campaign really encompasses all three aspects of that.”

With this campaign, B.GOOD can offer its customers a glimpse of what goes into sourcing and cooking their food, which includes working with local farmers who grow their produce naturally and sustainably.

What They’re All About

The food is meticulously prepared by B.GOOD employees, often inspired by family recipes and seasonal flavors. Then it’s shared with other families and friends who eat at B.GOOD.

B.GOOD, founded in 2003, also gives back outside of the restaurant, providing ongoing support to the local farms, organizations and individuals who help take care of their communities.

“We are constantly partnering with local farmers and it’s important to us to build a relationship with the people we get our food from,” said Cerato. “We try to source our food within 200 miles of each restaurant. Knowing our farmers ensures that our food will be as fresh as possible.”

As part of the campaign, B.GOOD will soon offer additions to some classic dishes. The restaurant will also introduce new seasonal menu items including avocado toast, zucchini spaghetti, and eggplant meatballs.

B.GOOD has locations in Mount Laurel, Marlton, Jersey City and Ridgewood. promotional items from the Food With Roots campaign will be available at every restaurant.

For more information, check out their website here.