New Viet-Thai Restaurant: SEAK Opens in Edgewater

SEAK, a Vietnamese and Thai cuisine restaurant, recently opened in early August 2017 along the picturesque waterfront in Edgewater, NJ.

Viet-Thai Cuisine with a Modern Twist

Menu highlights include pho, chili salted chicken wings, and banh mi frites. In addition, there is a non-alcoholic bar where guests can find bubble teas, fruit smoothies, Vietnamese coffee (cold or hot), and a variety of teas.

banh mi frites at SEAK NJ
Banh mi frites

Chef James Wang has created several interesting menu items at SEAK. Banh mi frites are twice-fried waffle fries topped with pickled daikon and carrots, caramelized pork crumble and a sriracha aioli. It’s no wonder these are quickly becoming a favorite on the menu. You can also find a variety of modernized Banh mi, Vietnamese hoagies. (Chef Wang, who is a business partner at SEAK, also opened Lemongrass, a Viet-Thai restaurant, in Morris Plains.)

Banh mi at SEAK NJ
Banh mi

And the experience doesn’t end with your order. Inside, guests can’t help but feel the trendy Brooklyn industrial vibe, with the restaurant’s modern and eclectic decor. Outside you’ll find a patio, which presents the panoramic skyline: a fabulous view with a great meal.

725 River Road #30
Edgewater, NJ