Chef Spotlight: Chef Dan Luber of Salt Creek Grille – Princeton


This piece is sponsored by Salt Creek Grille – Princeton.

Salt Creek Grille – Princeton is proud to announce that it has appointed Dan Luber as its new executive chef. In this role, Luber will oversee the creation and execution of the restaurant’s highly acclaimed, award-winning menu.

Chef Luber received his professional training at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and his culinary style embraces fresh, local ingredients, with a modern twist. One of the South Jersey native’s favorite dishes to prepare is Jersey scallops with wild mushroom and mesquite grilled asparagus with a lemon and red pepper gremolata and beurre rouge. He draws inspiration from his staff, close friends, and family to create unique, flavorful dishes. Prior to joining Salt Creek Grille as a sous chef, Chef Luber spent a year at Redstone American Grill in Marlton. He has also worked at the ChopHouse in Voorhees and Witherspoon Grill in Princeton. He took some time out of his busy schedule for a Jersey Bites Spotlight.

Dan Luber new executive chef of Salt Creek Grille Princeton
Chef Dan Luber

JERSEY BITES: Describe your cooking style.
CHEF LUBER: Seasonal, for sure. I like to use locally sourced produce and try to get the best quality around. Using fresh ingredients is something that I take very seriously and try to instill in my cooks and chefs. Sauces from scratch, locally sourced seafood—all domestic fish. We currently use Local 130 Seafood as our main provider of fish. And our filet and NY strip are 100% grass-fed beef that we source right out of Skillman, from Simply Grazin’.

What is the greatest opportunity that has come to you as a result of cooking?
My fiancee, Joy; our new baby girl, Ava; and my stepdaughter. Joy has changed my life on so many levels, and if it weren’t for my career I would never have been blessed with the opportunity of [having these] three beautiful ladies in my life.

It’s your last day on earth: what will your final meal be?
This is a tricky one—so much to choose from! I would start out with a plain slice of pizza as an appetizer, my momma’s chicken cutlet, and mashed potatoes as my entrée. My dessert would have to be a brownie sundae with all the fixins.

What is the best advice you have for young people interested in becoming chefs?
To not let the ego get in the way. Stay calm and never forget that there is always more to learn!

What is your beverage of choice?
Anejo tequila, on the rocks. Three to four ice cubes and no fruit.

If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?
Three isn’t enough. I would have to say my entire family. In this business, it’s very tough to keep in contact with family members, especially around the holidays. Family is important to me—that’s something my dad and mom both instilled in me.

Are you working on any upcoming projects our readers would be interested in learning about?
We are rolling out a new menu in June, and a lot of new and exciting items are coming aboard. I’m currently working with our corporate chef, Scott Green, to put the finishing touches on the menu, which comes to life June 6!

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