Porto Alegre Cafe in Ramsey

Ok, I admit it.  I’m picky when it comes to restaurants and always rave when I find a special one in Bergen County that is also reasonable. I am a healthy cook, my daughter is vegan and my husband eats some meat. When we go out it’s always hard to find something to please us all. This little adorable corner cafe in Ramsey is the place for me.

First of all, it’s authentic Brazilian food, with regular choices for the less adventurous. Everything is made fresh with the best ingredients. Their chickens are free range, their eggs come from our local farmer, their salads are farm fresh, there juice is fresh squeezed, even the corn in some salads they take fresh from the cobs. The cooks are all very experienced and know Brazilian food.

You walk into this sunny, inviting cafe and the the first thing to catch your eye is the display of cheesy muffins they make fresh daily. From there, you can look right into the kitchen and see chefs at work over pots of steaming goodness on the stove. The amazing aroma completes the package and makes everyone eager to eat.

And you will not be disappointed. Everything is fresh to order. We started with a cup of their incredible coffee and had to have a muffin while deciding what to get. The soup was flavorful, loaded with collard greens and a bit of sausage with just the right amount of spice. Delicious. Then the salads.They are presented beautifully, with a light lemony vinaigrette.

I just love the barley, corn, nutty, crunchy and a bit sweet, healthy grain salad. You can get any salad with grilled chicken, steak or salmon on top. The sandwiches are also beautifully and carefully prepared and delicious.  I recommend you try this place for Easter Sunday. They are serving brunch as well as anything off their lunch or dinner menu.  It’s bring your own and very reasonable.

Check out their website for more info www.portoalegre.cafe.com

LauriLee has been passionate about food her whole life. She spent many years in the travel business and always enjoyed dining out at many ethnic restaurants here and abroad. She is a self motivated foodie who has been cooking for over 30 years. Her recipes are based on fruits, vegetables, herbs, vinegars, various healthy oils, citrus , seafood and organic chicken and turkey.  LauriLee also cooks for her daughter who is a Vegan, so we can look forward to some healthy vegan/vegetarian dishes from her kitchen. To learn more about LauriLee’s cooking classes and personal chef service, visit her website at LauriLeesHealthyCooking.net and Like her page on Facebook for great recipes and cooking tips.