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My fourteen year old hasn’t shown any interest in learning how to cook, but his interest in eating what I cook is growing as fast as six foot teenage frame. He spotted a Pumpkin Pancake recipe on the cover of one of my cooking magazines a few days ago and sent me a text “Pumpkin Pancakes.”  I’m curious how many mothers have their teenage boys texting them their wish lists for menu items. I’m guessing not a lot.

So, the dutiful Mommy that I am, whipped together my first ever batch of pumpkin pancakes and they were amazing. The recipe I chose was accompanied by reviews that called them “fluffy, not-too-sweet, moist”  and they do not lie. Since I did’t modify the recipe one bit, I am just going to link to it here and let you read all the reviews on All Recipes.com.  Pumpkin Pancake Recipe.

We’ll be having these again tomorrow morning. I’m thinking some stewed apples on top would be amazing. Enjoy.

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