Fischer’s Pelican Restaurant in Sewell

When this month’s assignment was handed down from our illustrious leader to write about our favorite Seafood place in New Jersey, I didn’t have to think twice. Take one step into Fischer’s Pelican Restaurant, located in Sewell, NJ and you will be a convert too.  Owned and operated by Bill and Eileen Fischer, the Pelican Restaurant is known for its simple and delicious seafood.

As soon as you enter the Pelican Restaurant, you immediately feel relaxed.  Though the restaurant is small, it is comfortable and quaint.  Whether you sit by the window for some light or towards the back for some privacy, you will have the best seat in the house.

Each table is given two kinds of fresh, hot bread.  One is a crusty Italian bread, while the other is softer  with tomatoes and cheese sprinkled on top.  During my dining experience we began our meal with calamari, which is prepared with sliced long hot peppers and red onion.  The squid, peppers, and onion are all lightly battered and fried, then drizzled with a chipotle aioli and marinara sauce on the side.  The presentation was picture perfect and we couldn’t wait to dig in.  It is safe to say that it is the best calamari I have ever had.  Perfectly crispy, hot and flavorful, without being the least bit chewy.  The onions and peppers added a delicious extra flavor and the aioli gave it a little kick.  It is also the perfect starter for two, possibly 3 people to share and is satisfying without being too filling.

If you order an entrée at lunch  it is served with a salad that is lightly tossed with a vinaigrette.  The vegetables are crisp and perfectly coated with the dressing.   I really enjoyed this salad!  At dinner,  entrées come with the salad, a vegetable and potato du jour.

We ordered two entrees that we shared.  Zucchini crab cake: jumbo lump crabmeat between crispy, julienne zucchini and panko breadcrumb layers, served with spinach and potato du jour.  The crab cake was filled with so much crab meat!  Unlike other crab cake, it was not fried or greasy, but deliciously light and crispy.

Pan-seared day boat scallops... served with mushroom risotto and finished with white truffle essence.  The scallops were the perfect consistency – firm and juicy.  While the risotto was creamy with a hint of wine.

Aside from seafood, menu choices include pasta, meats, soups, and salads.  During lunch sandwiches are also offered and a children’s menu is offered all day.  If you don’t have time to eat the restaurant, all menu items are available to go.

There are several menu specials offers at the Pelican Restaurant.  From Tuesday to Thursday diners can have a 3 course meal for only $22, starting at 4 pm.  During lunch, $9 express lunches are offered, which includes sandwiches, salads and pastas.  Other deals include coupons for free dessert, a free appetizer and a coupon for $5 off the total bill.  To see any of the deals, find Fischer’s Pelican Restaurant on Facebook or visit the restaurant site

If you’re a Gloucester County resident and haven’t visited the Pelican Restaurant, I highly recommend trying my favorite local seafood restaurant.  And if you aren’t a local, well then I would suggest  you take the drive here – it is worth a drive for a delectable meal!  Stay tuned next week, for more Fish picks from our Editors.

Allie Coremin, regional editor for Gloucester County, is a fashionable food enthusiast trying her best to eat healthy while enjoying all that there is to taste. On most days you will find her cooking something delicious in the kitchen, wearing a fashion savy apron of course. Join Allie as she cooks, dines and experiences all things food related Gloucester County has to offer – and shares it with you. Feel free to check out Allie’s personal blog and follow her on Twitter: @allieat.