Chinese Mirch in North Brunswick

Drop that phone! Fugetabout trying to order #11 with extra sauce for pickup! This Chinese restaurant is not your typical Chinese restaurant. Pull up a seat in sleek, sophisticated and sensual Chinese Mirch and prepare to experience a culinary oasis in a neighborhood thirsting for a place to call their own, as well as a hip destination for special events.

The Hindi name (Mirch) conjures up the magical fusion creating a simply sensational Chinese menu featuring an Indian twist, which does not disappoint taste buds longing for bold, hot and spicy flavors found in Hakka and Szechuan cooking.

We recently had the pleasure of dining at Mirch, and couldn’t wait to tell you about our experience:

Initially impressed by the attention paid to us by the wait staff as well as the music subtly complimenting everything that came to our table; we were WOWED by the non-alcoholic specialty drinks!  The Lychee-tini and Cucumber Lemonade were so inventive and refreshing that we didn’t miss the alcohol, although you can easily BYOB, if you choose.

The menu features a three star Heat Rating system, so needless to say, we shot for the two and three star dishes, beginning with Garlicky MoMos (Mirch’s version of a potsticker), escalating to the Smoky Chili Okra Pods (warning:  highly addictive!) and culminating with the hottest and best chicken wings either of us have ever tasted.  They call them Chicken Pops, winglets that have the meat pulled down away from the bone, which now serves as a Popsicle stick. It is dipped in a  wonderful  cilantro infused coating , deep fried and served with several sauces that dare you to ‘kick it up a notch’.

We chose two contrasting dishes, Twice Cooked Lamb with red and green chilies and Coriander Fish. We bridged the flavors with a side of Ginger corn fried rice, made with basmati rice.  Oh my.  Neither of us has ever enjoyed Chinese done Indian, and this was amazing. The lamb was shaved and dipped in a seasoned batter, deep fried and served with a chili pepper sauce. The rice was the perfect balance to the intense flavors going on in this dish, as well as natural complement to the Coriander Fish, plump chunks of cat fish with a coriander pesto sauce.

And what meal is complete without a sweet something to signal the end?  Although we totally over ate (because the food was so unbelievable) we forced ourselves to share (and then fight over) Mirch’s Mango Mousse Shooter…a shot of sheer bliss, dense shortcake infused with mango mousse and a hefty dose of whipped cream. Definitely better than a fortune cookie!

Their daily made chili pastes are incorporated in many of the dishes, as well as the 32 vegetables that they prep each morning. Vegetarian bases are used throughout the cooking processes that  are perfect for the Vegan in your life. Expect sharing portions, and copious amounts of water to put out the Fire!

Chinese Mirch
2800 State Rt. 27
North Brunswick Township, NJ 08902

Wayne and Anne Galya learned how exciting food could be back in Junior High, when the Wood Shop class elective was completely filled and his guidance counselor encouraged the guys who didn’t make the cut to take Cooking, instead.  “Why would I want take a cooking class? Wait a minute…cooking = girls! Heck yeah, sign me up!”  And there began his love affair with all things relating to food, making it, serving it, eating it…. Back in those days (the 70s) Culinary Art Careers had not yet become the rage, so I didn’t consider it an option and when I graduated from high school, I began a 39 year career as an Industrial Electrician.  But, I never lost my passion for the Art, and even produced my own CIA chef, my son Wayne! One of the greatest joys I have is seeing what other chefs are doing, as it challenges me in my own kitchen. Many friends and family have enjoyed the re-creation of dishes that I have savored in France Italy and the Caribbean, as well as regional dishes from across the US.