Princeton Soup & Sandwich

I have a new favorite sandwich joint; The Princeton Soup & Sandwich Company in Palmer Square in Princeton. Devine, delightful and deliriously good soup, sandwiches and chili (judging by how fast my darling husband vacuumed it up)!

Intrigued by the simplicity of the name (hey, it’s not a chain) we decided to check out the eats in this teeny, tiny palace. I’m not exaggerating about how small it is, one narrow counter to sit at, that’s it.

I love all things minty, so I was intrigued by the gazpacho sandwich, which consisted of cucumber, cherry tomato, red onion, fresh basil, fresh mint, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and red wine vinegar on a whole grain roll. I ordered said sandwich without the onion and a 10-vegetable soup.

Hubby ordered turkey chili and Belgium Fries tossed in sea salt and black pepper, served with ketchup or chipotle mayo.

The order came quickly and correctly-huge points in my book-and I proceeded to devour half of my sandwich, which was awesome-one of the best I’ve ever eaten. It came on a delightfully soft and squishy roll.

The mint worked with the mild cheese, tomato and basil to create a sandwich so clean, refreshing and light, it was over way too soon. I’m glad I went with my gut and didn’t order the sandwich extra vinegary, as I tend to do at chain shops, it would have thrown off the delicate balance of the whole sandwich.  The 10-vegetable soup was chunky and tasty, although it needed a bit of salt for my taste.

I did mooch some of the fries, or frites, and they were delicious-thick and crispy, well-seasoned. I steered clear of the chipotle mayo, but hubby loved it.

For less than $25 for dinner for the two of us with drink, I’ll be frequenting this place a lot for lunch. Sandwiches are about $6.50 and the soups come in four sizes and range in price from $3.99 to $9.99. There are salads, frankfurters and smoothies on the menu as well. Breakfast sandwiches are available for the early birds.

The Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company is located 30 Palmer Square East, Princeton, NJ 08542. Hours: Sun-Thurs: 8 am – 10 pm, Fri & Sat: 8 am – 11 pm. Call or fax your order: 609-497-0008, Fax: 609-497-0088. Visit them on the web at:; daily soups are listed on their Facebook page.

Victoria Hurley-Schubert, Regional Editor Ocean County, is a true Jersey girl. Raised in Marlboro, Vikki  has lived in the area her whole life. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and is happiest when feeding a houseful of friends and family. A journalist for 10 years, she now serves on the staff of the Princeton Packet. Vikki is happiest on the road, so it should be no Surprise she is a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations.   Follow her on Twitter @vikkihs.