The Pub: A Little Bit of History in South Jersey

The Pub in Pennsauken, New Jersey is more than just a steakhouse; it’s a South Jersey tradition and a source of memories for hundreds of diners in the area.

Located on Route 130 South on Kaighns Avenue, The Pub is easy to find. This area is also known as the Airport Circle, where 130 South meets 70 West and 38 West. The current building that houses The Pub was built in the late 1930s as a nightclub called Neil Deighan’s. The Pub itself came into existence in 1950 when the building was bought and remodeled by three local families.

One of the most unique aspects of this restaurant is the decor. In contrast to the building’s very plain exterior, the inside of the pub is dark and decorated like a medieval castle. Shields and swords adorn the walls, and the floors are made of stone. The entrance is a spacious room where guests can wait for their friends and family to arrive. To the right is a bar where guests can sample a variety of cocktails and specialty drinks. The dining room is a very large open space with high ceilings and seating for 500. Chefs can be seen working over six open hearths with charcoal ovens. The Pub’s menu offers a variety of delicacies, but the thing to order is the steak. The filet mignon has been a house specialty for 50 years, and the open oven preparation gives the meat a unique taste. One great choice is the Filet Steakabob with its small pieces of filet mignon skewered with peppers and mushrooms. Another popular choice is the Burgundy Street Sirloin: a 12 oz center cut top sirloin marinated in wine sauce.

All entrees are served with a basket of fresh bread and your choice of a mashed or twice-baked potato. You also get unlimited trips to the salad bar with its signature leaf-shaped plates.

It has been said that The Pub is a great place to take your in-laws, and that’s particularly true if your in-laws grew up in South Jersey. The tradition of The Pub continues to thrive and create happy memories for the many guests who have entered its doors.

The Pub
7600 Kaighn Avenue

Pennsauken, NJ 08110
856-665-6440 view the menu at

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