Foyster’s in Riverside

Looking for a restaurant with a relaxing, inviting atmosphere and a variety of good food at a reasonable price? Look no further than Foyster’s in Riverside, New Jersey.

Foyster’s is a new addition to the small town of Riverside. It’s out on the back roads by the river, so not a place you are likely to stumble upon. Settled beside a picturesque marina and placed directly on the water, Foyster’s offers a rare riverside dining experience in Burlington County.

The site has been a restaurant off and on for many years, but owner Jamie Foy has added her own touches in an effort to make the restaurant a special gathering spot.  Foy says she chose the location because of the beautiful view of the river and says that it is a place where you can “put your feet up.”  If the weather permits, choose seating on the deck.  The restaurant has a boat dock, and if you are lucky you can study the hungry river explorers as they come ashore for a bite to eat.

The menu at Foyster’s features a variety of food options. Diners can choose a burger or a hot dog as well as several pasta, steak or chicken dishes. The steak salad is a highlight with strips of filet cooked just right over a wedge of lettuce and vegetables. Burgers come with freshly made potato chips.

Foyster’s is a family restaurant and would be a good place for lunch with a child who enjoys the outdoors.  Jamie Foy says the restaurant is also “beautiful at night,” and hopes patrons will come take advantage of the natural romance of riverside dining.

Foyster’s is located at 625 Harrison Street in Riverside, NJ at Lightening Jack’s Marina. Try it for a relaxing lunch or a dinner date with someone special.

Jennifer Ellis May is excited to be working with Jersey Bites in Burlington County. Originally from Missouri, Jennifer is embracing all it means to be a Jersey girl. She enjoys every aspect of food from cooking to gardening, but her best skill is eating. Her other interests include books, flowers, animals and swimming. Jennifer currently works as a freelance writer and has published articles and fiction in a variety of print and online publications. She lives in Burlington County with her husband and 2-year-old daughter. You can contact Jennifer at