Gina Glazier

Gina Glazier is a full-time teacher turned full-time mom with a full-time appetite! A contributor to Jersey Bites since its early years, she took some time off from the culinary scene to be with her twin girls and son back at home. Now school-aged, her kids’ time away has given her the opportunity to come back to her foodie roots, if you will. She finds inspiration for recipes from her vast cookbook collection and favorite Food Network stars.

Beyond cooking, she is passionate about the restaurant world and all that’s to offer thereabouts. New spots to try, cuisines to taste and concepts to experience, she is always up for it all. All of her recipes and restaurant reviews can be found on her weekly blog, Day-to-day delicious adventures are found on her Instagram, @ahungryteacher. And while keeping up with her blog and social media, she excitedly commits to bringing Jersey Bites readers new and mouthwatering writeups from around the Garden State.

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