Gina Glazier

Gina Glazier is a full-time teacher, wife and blogger. A lover of all things food related, she started her culinary journey a while back when she applied to ride in the Star Ledger’s Munchmobile. After conquering that goal, she continued along her culinary path which led her to become a part of the Pizza Patrol. Run by Peter Genovese of the NJ Star Ledger’s Munchmobile, she and the other pizza-fanatics traveled the state for endless months searching for Jersey’s best pies. Besides those two foodie-feats, she has manned the judging panel at quite a few of Monmouth Park’s Food Festivals. These include The Shore Chef Crab Cake Cook Off, BBQ & Beer Fest and Food Truck Wars. She was introduced to Deborah Smith of Jersey Bites while judging at one of these events and before she knew it, she was a JB contributor. And finally, if she’s not on the Munchmobile, at a contest, or writing for this site, you can read about her cooking, dining and buying adventures on her weekly blog,

Married to a picky-eater-turned-foodie, she finds the most enjoyment cooking for husband, family and friends. Gina comes from a strong lineage of cooks who most definitely left their mark on her. From frying pierogies to rolling out nut bread and from simmering Sunday sauce to roasting a pork butt low and slow, she credits those who came before her with instilling the “kitchen is the heart of the home” mentality and philosophy.

She and her husband love to travel to find new restaurants and cuisines. She also jumps at any chance to see what’s happening behind the tables and watch real chefs work their magic. With that said, anytime you find Gina at home, it is a safe bet that the Food Network is on. She has been known to recite the daily schedule by heart and set her treadmill -time to Giada-time!

Gina has been with Jersey Bites for about 2 years now and has loved every minute. She looks forward to adding more content here and continuing on her cooking trails.

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