Newark Airport Welcomes a Growing Culinary Scene

In the usual travel scenario, a quick bite might be your go-to option. However, for long layovers or meaningful trips with a loved one, you might be looking for a more leisurely, sit-down dining experience. Let’s face it: The travel experience now begins at the airport. And travel has become a holistic, 360-degree experience. The Newark Airport hospitality group OTG recently announced two new additions in Terminal C: Nonna’s Kitchen & Bar and Victory Grille, catering to those needs. 

The new restaurants will help expose travelers to the luxury and diversity of New Jersey’s vibrant culinary scene, making the airport a gateway to a sampling of what the state has to offer, ensuring a memorable introduction.

Nonna’s Kitchen & Bar

Inspired by Italian-American cultural traditions, Nonna’s Kitchen & Bar presents a modern and vibrant upscale trattoria, offering home-cooked meals reminiscent of an Italian grandmother’s kitchen. The restaurant features lively patterns, a wraparound bar, and signature round banquettes. Travelers enjoy a cozy dining experience with open kitchen views.

Victory Grille

Offering a totally different vibe, Victory Grille immerses travelers in the atmosphere of major sporting events worldwide with a 60 x 10-foot LED wall of multi-screens and ticker highlights. This dynamic destination offers extensive live sports viewing from every vantage point — placing travelers right in the front row. 

Looking Ahead

These two new additions underscore how airports are evolving to offer more than just travel conveniences; they now provide unique and immersive experiences for travelers. Additionally, OTG’s expansion is powered by its proprietary flo™ Xgen technology, which enables travelers to place their food orders online for easy access. 

The next time you find yourself in Newark Airport take a moment to explore and embrace the rich options available and be sure to check out Nonna’s Kitchen and Victory Grille, among the many other restaurants.