In the fall of 1983, iconic Indian restaurateur and Staten Island resident Mrs. Sneh Mehtani opened the Moghul Room at the Pennsylvania Hotel in NYC. This launched a revolution in fine dining for the area’s growing Indian diaspora.

Shaun Mehtani, his mother Sneh, and sister Sara circa1986
From left: Shaun Mehtani, his mother Sneh, and sister Sara, circa1986

The restaurant flourished and the family moved its flagship to Edison, NJ, where the Mehtani brand has become a hospitality powerhouse. In fact, the brand built a name for itself throughout the state and nationally, thanks to extensive global catering and an unwavering commitment to quality, service, and innovation.

The Mehtani Restaurant Group’s (MRG’s) 2021 partnership with the Arora Hospitality Group (AHG) expanded the legacy, as the portfolios of both companies trace their roots back 40 years, to the original Moghul.

Vegetable Samosa
Moghul’s vegetable samosa

From September 26 through 28, in honor of the anniversary of the company’s founding, MRG second-generation owner Shaun Mehtani and AHG owner Kamal Arora will roll back a select list of Mogul menu favorites to their 1983 prices. 

The selections include the following:

  • Vegetable samosa: $2.99
  • Chicken tikka masala: $7.99
  • Malai kofta: $6.99
  • Saag paneer: $6.99
  • Dal moghul: $5.99
  • Jeera rice: $0.99
  • Garlic naan: $1.50
Chicken Tikka Masala
Moghul’s mouthwatering chicken tikka masala

The Details

  • September 26 – 28
  • Dine-in/indoors only
  • Dinner only
  • Reservations recommended

Step back in time to celebrate the future!

Executive Chef Sanjeev Kumar (left) and team.

1655 Oak Tree Road, #195
Edison, NJ 08820