Rao's Homemade Pasta Sauce 3 flavors

I don’t generally buy jarred sauce. However, when the first wave of the pandemic hit and I made my way to Costco, you bet I grabbed six jars of Rao’s Homemade sauce. It was the first time I had ever tried Rao’s Homemade. I was really pleased, and so was my family.

It turns out Rao’s has quite a loyal fan base, with over 60K followers on Instagram and over 120K likes on Facebook. Finding one lonely jar on the grocery store shelf inspired the video below from a Rao’s lover on Facebook. 

My righthand man at the office and contributor to Jersey Bites, Jon Faronea, says Rao’s Sensitive Marinara sauce is the only tomato sauce his husband can eat because it doesn’t contain onions and garlic. If you are in the same boat and following a FODMAP diet or just can’t tolerate onions and garlic, you should check it out.

Sauce for a Cause

When Rao’s reached out to me about their Sauce for Cause initiative, I learned that they are a New Jersey- based company. I knew I had to get involved.

Sauce for a Cause is an Instagram cooking series benefiting Jersey Cares’ COVID-19 relief efforts, including a food delivery program for those in need.

Partners and Details

Rao’s is partnering with some of the brand’s favorite chefs, personalities and foodies including Gail SimmonsDanielle MonaroSerena WolfDawn Perry and others, who are bringing their delicious Rao’s Homemade recipes to life for fans at home via IGTV. 

Since Rao’s Homemade’s U.S.-based offices are in Montclair, the brand has decided to donate $40K to Jersey Cares. The donation will go toward the nonprofit’s COVID-19 relief efforts, including meal delivery to New Jersey families who are struggling to obtain basic groceries. 


Make One, Give One

In addition, the program is featuring a “Make One, Give One” component. For every fan who makes one of the featured dishes at home, Rao’s Homemade will donate one meal to a family in need via Jersey Cares.*  

Consumers can get involved in the program by recreating the recipes created by our hosts and posting on Instagram tagging @raoshomemade and #Sauce4Cause within one week, and Rao’s will donate a meal to a family in need via Jersey Cares.

*Fans must tag #Sauce4Cause within one week of the video’s live date.