New Jersey restaurants are offering takeout and delivery in many forms and on many different schedules. I belong to a few community groups started on Facebook to crowdsource takeout information. After seeing so many questions from members, I felt there was a true need for one centralized resource that hungry New Jerseyans could turn to for all their takeout and delivery options.  


A Searchable Takeout Database

Thanks to the help of our stellar web team at Web Publisher Pro, we now have our very own searchable database for NJ restaurant takeout and delivery. The site is searchable by county or you can filter by distance from your location. 

takeout finder map

All that restaurants need to do to create their free listing is to visit the Takeout Finder page and click the button that says “Add a New Business.” Fill out the form with your details, days open, times, etc. Submit links and phone numbers. Upload a logo or photo of your business if you wish, and hit submit

Our team will review the information before posting to make sure the form is filled out correctly. Customers can then find the restaurant’s information and a direct link to the online order page if the business has one. 

Just for Food and Beverages

I realize that other news outlets and websites have created databases for still-open businesses, however, I wanted to create one strictly for restaurants. Food is what Jersey Bites has always been about, and our goal here is really to help our cherished restaurant industry in any way we can. 

How You Can Help

The success of our Takeout Finder will rely on thousands of listings so please share this article or a direct link to the registration page,, with your fellow restaurateurs or, if you are a consumer, with your favorite and go-to restaurants. 

I believe that we will all be depending on takeout and delivery for quite some time. Even after the mandatory dine-in shutdown is lifted, we will surely see restrictions on the number of people in restaurants. We all miss our favorite spots and they need our help. It is my hope that our Takeout Finder will assist both sides of the equation.