MECHA Chocolate: Next-Level Treats in Haddonfield

Metcha Chocolate Shop NJ

Note: The writer received sample products, courtesy of MECHA Chocolate.

Note: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, MECHA Chocolate has closed its storefront. The business is still fulfilling online orders and taking orders by phone. They’re also offering free local delivery within 15 miles and free shipping on orders over $50. Check the website or call for the latest details. 

MECHA Chocolate Haddonfield NJ ShopIf you’ve ever been to a chocolate store you know how exciting it is: the sweet smell of cocoa in the air and the anticipation of leaving with a treat in hand. At MECHA Chocolate in Haddonfield, NJ, it’s more than that. The store itself has a beautiful aesthetic and the chocolates are next level. If you’re looking for artisan chocolate, this is the place to go—or to order from online. 

Some Background

Chef and chocolatier Melissa Crandley and her husband, Charles, began selling their artisan chocolates at various farmer’s markets and local shops in 2012, before opening their own store in late 2019. It’s here in their shop that Melissa combines her culinary and pastry experiences to offer one-of-a-kind treats. She hand dips her ganaches and caramels, and carefully curates quality ingredients—never cutting corners. 

The Good Stuff

MECHA Chocolate offers an annual selections menu, which includes an array of options available throughout the year. Still, with dozens of chocolates to choose from, how do you decide? If you’re afraid to try something too far out of the box, start with the Double Dark Ganache. As a dark chocolate lover, I thought this was a more traditional choice, but oh-em-gee it was so rich in all the right ways—anything but cliché.

At MECHA Chocolate, the most surprising, to me, were the tea-infused ganaches. Packed with flavor, the chai tea ganache was AMAZING! It actually transported me to fall and the holiday season. So warming. 

Within this mix of annual selections are also some caramels and the Nuts About Hazel variety, which reminds me of a better version of the popular gold-wrapped balls whose name begin with F.  

As for the seasonal selections, prepare to be blown away! I didn’t know chocolate could be this good. The raspberry ganache was breathtaking. In fact all of the fruit ones—like the lemon curd ganache—were fantastic. The fruit flavor was so strong that it matched perfectly with the chocolate. If you want a powerful treat, choose these.

Specialty Boxes

Mecha Chocolates Herb Garden Box
The Herb Garden Box

MECHA Chocolate sells specialty boxes which make for perfect gifts for a friend or loved one. I sampled the Herb Garden Box, which includes sea salt caramels with an added twist of ingredients from the garden. My favorite was the orange Fennel because chocolate and citrus are meant to be. 

Mecha Chocolates Box

And speaking of gifts, these chocolates are packaged with care in beautiful boxes.

And Then Some

At MECHA Chocolate you can also take classes to learn the art of chocolate making and decorating. They offer classes on a range of levels throughout the year. Be sure to check their calendar here.

Don’t wait to check MECHA Chocolate out—place an order today and thank me later. 

Mecha Chocolate
7 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033