Cereal Cafe Makes a Splash in Hamilton

Spoony Sweets, Jon Faronea, Jersey Bites, Hamilton, Mercer County

The writer was invited to visit Spoony Sweets and the meal was complimentary.

Move over acai, there’s a new bowl in town.

A passion for cereal and entrepreneurship has led to the creation of a sweet new spot to grab a bite to eat in Mercer County. Ryan Knipe and Medina Cekic opened Spoony Sweets in early 2019 in Hamilton, NJ, with the intention of creating a place for all people to gather, have fun and indulge—and they have accomplished just that.

Cereal at Its Best

Spoony Sweets is a cereal café featuring over 40 cereals and special limited editions. Perfect for children and kids at heart. You can create a combo of two cereals; a topper of fruit, candy, or snacks; a drizzle such as chocolate or honey; and your choice of milk or milk alternatives. They even have gluten-free and vegan cereals. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the more-than-40,000 possible combinations, you can pick from their menu of Spoony Mix-Ups, which are some delicious mixes Spoony Sweets has already identified.

Spoony Sweets, Jon Faronea, Jersey Bites, Hamilton, Mercer County

My creation, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, complemented by a special edition Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake cereal and topped with bananas and chocolate drizzle, took me back to my childhood with the first bite. (Check it out in the picture at the top of this article.) And I was pleasantly surprised to see that my milk was from local producer, Rosenberger’s. To say I was satisfied is an understatement.

So what are Knipe and Cekic’s favorites? They said answering that would be like naming a favorite child—you just can’t choose. Though they did admit the Cinna NOM NOM bowl (Life Original, Cinnamon Frosted Flakes, Nutella, and vanilla drizzle) is a strong go-to.

But Wait, There’s More

Spoony Sweets, Jon Faronea, Jersey Bites, Hamilton, Mercer County
The O.G. Roll

Not in the mood for a bowl, or looking for an appetizer to share? Look no further than the Spoony banana “sushi” rolls. I tried the O.G. Roll, which is made with a banana, peanut butter, and Cocoa Pebbles, all wrapped in a wheat tortilla and topped with a raspberry drizzle…and more Cocoa Pebbles. This combo tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but better! Talk about a healthy and fun snack.

And to kick things up a notch, Cekic even makes her own yogurt, which is available for you-build-them partfaits. You can pick any two add-ins you like, from fruits to granola, cereal, and snacks.

Destination: Fun

While the food was my source of fun, guests will love the other stuff that’s going on as well. Spoony Sweets achieves “place to hang” status with the addition of a selfie room with fun props, a leather couch, TVs featuring cartoons and movies, and games for guests play.

If cereal cafes are the next foodie trend, I’m already in line. Stop in to Spoony Sweets to see for yourself!

Spoony Sweets, Jon Faronea, Jersey Bites, Hamilton, Mercer County
French Toast Crunch and Cold Stone Creamery’s Our Strawberry Blonde, topped with strawberries and vanilla drizzle

Spoony Sweets
2222 Highway 33
Hamilton, NJ