‘I Never Sausage a Hot Dog!’ Now on YouTube

The I Never Sausage a Hot Dog! Project Continues to Grow

Good news, hot dog lovers. Jersey Bites writer Mark Neurohr-Pierpaoli has taken his passion for hot dogs, history, and awful puns to a new medium: YouTube! His show was announced to the public on National Hot Dog Day, July 17. Check out the first episode of I Never Sausage a Hot Dog! here.

Regular readers will notice that Mark covers a familiar topic. The research he did for his article on the history of the Texas Weiner for Jersey Bites formed the basis of the pilot episode. 

Mark writes the show and hosts, but he can’t do it alone. He put together a small team to do the filming and editing, and thanks to the success of the first episode (over 20,000 views on Facebook and counting), the group is excited to make more episodes. 

Keep on the lookout for new episodes soon. We hear that he’s going in depth on Newark-style Italian hot dogs next. Yum!