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Wegmans Alpine King Salmon Sushi Experience


This sponsored story is brought to you by Wegmans Food Markets. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been a huge Wegmans fan since they first came to Ocean Township, NJ, in 2004. Back then, sushi didn’t have as much of a presence at the store but today, it’s a huge chunk of their lunch and dinner grab-and-go offerings.

When the folks from Wegmans reached out to ask if I’d be interested in doing a story on Alpine King Salmon, which is one of the stars of their fresh sushi department, I didn’t have to think twice. Their sushi department has been my go-to for a quick and healthy lunch on many occasions, and the taste really can’t be topped.

Alpine King Salmon: A Must-Try Option

If you are a salmon fan, put this on your must-try list. The salmon is farmed exclusively for Wegmans in New Zealand in what is described as “the planet’s most pristine glacial waters,” and is strictly harvested for its sushi. It is also sustainable, which of course is so important. This video provides a closer look at the beautiful waters the salmon come from.

A Closer Look

My visit to Wegmans to meet with managers Charlie Tombasco and Chrissy Zizza was a real treat. They already had a cooler full of poke bowls, sushi rolls, and seaweed salad packed and ready (for me to run away with), but I wanted to take a closer look and learn more about what goes into the quality of their sushi.

The fish comes in large, flawless pieces and is sliced the day it is put out; it’s super clean and fresh. I was excited to spy a new version of the King of Poke Bowl, called King of Poke Salad, which incorporates zucchini noodles and arugula instead of grains, for those of us who following a more paleo regimen. Both include avocado and are topped with poke sauce, pistachios, and sesame seeds. Really delicious. Also worth noting: All Wegmans sushi is made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and it’s also made with no gluten-containing ingredients.

Salmon Options Galore

If you are looking for more traditional offerings, you can’t go wrong with the Alpine King Salmon combo with seaweed salad. It’s buttery Alpine King Salmon nigiri and a classic salmon roll that pair well with seaweed salad with flavorful soy-sesame vinaigrette. And finally, my son’s favorite, the classic California roll but with Alpine King Salmon, avocado, cucumber, and toasted sesame seeds. Simple and satisfying.


The next time you’re visiting Wegmans, driving by Wegmans, or just sitting at your desk thinking about healthy and delicious lunch or dinner options, now you know! Head to the sushi section of your local Wegmans for sushi, poke bowls, and coming soon: poke salads. And you just may bump into me.

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