Cooking with Julie and More from the Two Fat Guys Show

Tune in for an all-new episode of The Two Fat Guys Show where DJ Joe the Great and The One and Only Nicky D bring you the following segments and topic of the week.

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Friday Night Food Tales

Nicky D takes a gamble at a diner and DJ Joe goes for some pizza.

Buffalo chicken pizza from Rudy’s in Closter

Fattest Food of the Week

Nicky D has a new entree at the Cheesecake Factory and DJ Joe has a home-baked cake.

Food Store Forensic Files

Nicky D investigates what’s going on with shopping carts.

Pizza-style parm from the Cheesecake Factory


Chicken parm from the Coach House Diner in Hackensack

Topic of the Week

DJ Joe (left) and Nicky D

The Interview: Cooking with Julie

The guys talk to engineer-turned-recipe-designer and personal chef Julie Hartigan (also a Jersey Bites writer!) and cover topics including following recipes and ideas for easy meals.

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