Ice Cream Season: Still Going Strong for Lexylicious

Famously known for its iconic ice cream trucks (and cart!), Lexylicious opened the doors of its first brick-and-mortar location this summer. The business began when a teenage Alexa Hesse began making ice cream sandwiches from home. “It was honestly just a silly, fun thing at first,” Hesse says. “I was 17 and was making them for my friends. People started asking me for them so I decided to sell them. I told my parents at dinner and my sister said, “Call it Lexylicious!'” The rest is history.

Lexylicious, ice cream, opening, jersey bites

A Big Day

When asked what the inspiration was for expanding into the retail space, she says, “I’d been looking for a store for a pretty long time and never really loved anywhere. I knew for years I wanted to be on Bay Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach, but for so long nothing came up. My cousins actually rented my store and were going to put something there, but changed their mind. They called me and I had to make a decision fast. I went for it!”

After spending several summers traversing the Jersey shoreline, Hesse officially opened the doors to her first store on July 6, 2018.

Lexylicious, ice cream, opening, jersey bites

Smart Cookies

Lexylicious offers seven homemade cookie options, including classic chocolate chip, peanut butter chip cookie, sprinkle sugar cookie, jumbo Oreo wafer, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and marshmallow cereal cookie. The shop’s most popular cookie, the Fruity Pebbles and marshmallow cereal cookie, is a big seller. “Fruity Pebble cookies with vanilla ice cream is the most popular for sure, and the runner up is—of course—chocolate chip,” says Hesse. “Now that we have the store, we have 16 ice cream flavors.” This includes a vegan option. (Vegan flavors change often so check with the shop if you’re looking for something specific.)

Lexylicious, Fruity Pebbles, Jersey Bites, Lessly Delcid

With fall upon us, Lexylicious has moved into new sandwich flavors like apple pie (pictured at top) and cinnamon rolls. “All of our products are handmade with a lot of love,” she says. “We’re really focusing on expanding our menu and special items. Now that the summer is over it gives us a minute to focus on perfecting everything and creating some new fun flavors. I’m learning a lot as we go so I can only imagine what the future holds for us.”

We can’t wait to find out, either.

512 Bay Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

By Lessly Delcid

Photos courtesy of Lexylicious.

Lexylicious, ice cream, opening, jersey bites