Japanese Crepes and Thai Ice Cream Now in Toms River

Jersey Bites J-Petal Toms River NJ
 Note: Our writer was invited to this event and received
complimentary samples of the products covered.

A new restaurant offering unique food and desserts is calling Toms River home. J-Petal, a Japanese crepe and Thai ice cream shop, opened its doors for the first time on March 10. Originating in Brooklyn in 2016, J-Petal now has several franchises across multiple states, with 10 new locations expected this year. Toms River is the first New Jersey location for J-Petal.

The Crepes

Traditional French crepes are made from wheat flour and filled with sweet fillings, like fruit or savory ones, like vegetables. What sets Japanese crepes apart is that they are all made with rice flour and therefore naturally gluten free. The sweet crepes at J-Petal include fruit and yogurt—and that’s just the beginning. Some of these sweet crepes even have ice cream in them. Win-win for the dessert lover!

J-Petal’s unique, savory crepes are surprisingly filling and perfect for lunch or dinner. Varieties include seafood, including crab and lobster; and meat, including chicken and beef—to start. The subtle sweetness of the crepe complements the savory flavors of the meat, vegetables, and toppings.

J-Petal in Toms River, Jersey Bites, Jon Faronea

Beyond the Filling

Wait—there’s more! These crepes are not simply folded over and served like a quesadilla. Instead, they’re rolled up into a cone shape, for a super convenient—and complete—eating experience. Each crepe is designed so your bites include pieces of each ingredient. Yes,watching the staff make these is truly watching art in action, and clearly the reason for the low counter. The glass wall is for your viewing pleasure. Watch the process below!

The Ice Cream

The scoop here is…wait for it…no scoops! Thai ice cream is made to order and mixed fresh on a super cold platform with a texture of your choice, like cookies or fruit. Once the ice cream is mixed well, laid out right and cold enough, it’s then rolled to perfection and placed in your cup. Next, you pick three toppings, and boy, is it hard to choose. Fresh fruit, candy, and even marshmallows toasted over a hot flame, are just some of the options.

J-Petal in Toms River, Jersey Bites, Jon Faronea

The ice cream was very creamy and worked with the toppings perfectly. I can see it now: this is going to be the perfect stop after a hot summer day at the Jersey Shore.

J-Petal in Toms River, Jersey Bites, Jon FaroneaThe Drinks

Lightbulb moment! Nothing says great idea like a cool, lightbulb shaped cup for a combo of fun flavored drinks and shaved ice. The best part? Well, besides the refreshing drink, which has the perfect amount of sweetness, you get to keep the cup. Genius.

To Stay or To Go

From watching your food being made to enjoying the unique flavors, you won’t forget this dining experience. View the full menu here and make a point to visit them soon. You can even take your order to go.

1490 Route 37 East
Toms River, NJ