Rook Coffee Expands its Reach in NJ

Starting with one location in 2010, Rook Coffee was founded by two friends, Holly Migliaccio and Shawn Kingsley, who left the corporate world in pursuit of a mutual dream. The business quickly expanded to 10 stores throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Now, Migliaccio and Kingsley are putting the finishing touches on another Monmouth County location, in Freehold, which has an anticipated March opening. They also just began planning their first location in Ocean County, where Point Pleasant is set to be home for Rook store number 12, in summer 2018.

While this new store evolves Rook from a Monmouth County-based business to a New Jersey-based business, the owners hope to expand even further by selling their packaged coffees and bottled cold brew in grocery stores.

What is Rook?

Rook Coffee is a brand with to-go coffee shops and a very loyal fan base. Even if you have never stepped foot into a Rook store, you probably recognize their logo, thanks to fans that proudly display their stickers and branded coffee cups.

So what makes Rook unique in the coffee shop space? Here it is: their specific focus on quality, simplicity, and experience.

The team is meticulous in selecting, roasting, brewing and tasting coffee. You can follow their Instagram stories to get a glimpse of the team visiting a new farm to source beans, or taste testing coffees. Additionally, you never have to worry about coffee that’s been sitting out all day—they brew every cup to order.

In order to stay focused on delivering great coffee, consistently, Rook stores keep it simple by offering coffee, limited to-go snacks, and merchandise. No food to serve or tables to clean.

Finally, the experience is second to none. I’ve been to many cafes and have never experienced a staff that consistently carries a positive and caring attitude like the employees at Rook location’s I’ve visited.

Rook in Holmdel, Jersey Bites, Jon Faronea
Rook, Holmdel

If you enjoy quality coffee, we recommend you visit one of their locations.

Holly Migliaccio and Shawn Kingsley, Co-Founders and Owners of Rook Coffee share how they left the corporate world to open their New Jersey coffee shop and brewing company.