Help Fulfill Win $25,000 for Community Garden Program 

The main garden at Fulfill's Community Garden Program

Cast Your Vote for Fresh Veggies

Fulfill (aka The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties) needs YOUR VOTE! You can help the organization, which is one of 200 finalists in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Competition, win a $25,000 grant for its Community Garden Program. Voting runs from August 16 through August 25. With this grant Fulfill can provide more fresh produce, education, and community garden networks.

VOTE NOW (up to 10 times a day!) and SHARE!

Need a Reason Why?

In Monmouth and Ocean Counties, one out of every 10 individuals does not have enough food. These are mostly working families who rely on food pantries to help them meet their basic needs. However, food pantries distribute predominantly shelf-stable items, like dry and canned goods, which do not provide all the nutrients people, especially children, need to be healthy.

Hazlet school volunteers in the garden

Fruits and vegetables are important in any diet. Unfortunately, produce is only available in limited quantities through food pantries because of cost and perishability. Fulfill would like to improve access to local, home-grown produce through a network of community gardens that would provide educational and volunteer opportunities in order to focus on and adequately meet the need for healthy food by all residents, but especially those with limited incomes.

Fulfill’s garden helps feed families who are hungry and helps the community stay healthy. YOU can keep it growing!

Plowing the raised beds of Fulfill's Garden

Get the Word Out: Voting Ends August 25

Here are a few ways you can help make this happen:

  • Please try to vote 10 times per day. (I have a reminder set up on my phone.)
  • Share with family and friends and encourage them to Vote.
  • Share in your own local groups and networks.
  • Share within all of your social media networks.

This is such an easy way to make a difference. Thank you in advance for helping to make this garden grow.