Secret Recipes to Being Mom’s Favorite

Let’s face it, moms deserve a little pampering now and then. At the very least, I mean VERY least, once a year. Sheesh! (This is really for my two teen boys. Subtle hints are useless. Just ignore.)

If getting all gussied up and going out for brunch isn’t her thing, then we’ve got two great, spoil-her-rotten, bed-in-breakfast recipes to make you Mom’s favorite of all time. (We know you already are. This will just be another feather in that best-kid-ever cap of yours.)

First up is the over-the-top Brunchwich: Pork Roll from The Committed Pig. It’s enormous and decadent, and I’m sure your loving, generous mom will be willing to share—but let her offer. Don’t walk in with a napkin under your chin and a spare set of utensils.

If mom is more of an elegant, “I’ll have a mimosa with that” type of gal, then the Eggs Oscar with Crab from The Buttered Biscuit will surely impress her. Keep the mimosas flowing and bow while exiting the boudoir backside first and I see you taking home the “favorite kid or husband” award.

Let the spoiling begin!

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