One Sweet Kickstarter: Cookie Munchers

Owners Brandon Lucante and Cassandra Aran

When Rowan University alum Brandon Lucante and Cassandra Aran (shown above) launched Cookie Munchers, they learned quickly that there’s a true demand for Cookie Monster’s favorite snack. They began an online cookie delivery service that specializes in selling big cookies to satisfy late night cravings. Genius! And now they need YOUR help to officially open a brick-and-mortar location! Their Kickstarter goal is $10,000, which will pay for a new oven for their store, and the campaign is all or nothing: the project will only be funded if their goal is reached by May 12.

If Aran and Lucante meet their goal, supporters of the project will receive rewards based on their donation. The “gifts” range from free cookies to a catered event (up to 100 guests). Pledges of $10 or more earn donors a ticket to the launch party, which features a bounce castle, DJ, face painting, games and more.

Cofounders Lucante and Aran graduated in 2016 and launched Cookie Munchers in September. They partnered with Ry’s Bagels in Glassboro to deliver cookies to Rowan University students and the surrounding Glassboro and Pitman communities.

Chocolate chip cookie

Cookies are delivered warm and with milk up until 3 a.m. Thursday to Sunday nights and until midnight on Mondays. The storefront will be open 7 days a week and will include more menu options (such as ice cream) and a lounge space. A Cookie Muncher’s favorite is the HUGE chocolate chip cookies (pictured right). Other flavors include red velvet, s’mores, snickerdoodle and M&M. Aran is the baker of the two and is the third generation of her family to be practicing the craft.

Cookie Munchers’ main focus—besides the cookies—is the customer experience. Each delivery box is individually hand decorated by a trained staff member. “We want it to seem like customers are receiving a gift,” says Lucante. “And no one else is going to get that same gift.” Customers can put in special design requests and purchase personalized gift cards as well.

Mascots Munch and Cookie at Cookie Munchers’ new storefront

The Cookie Munchers’ mascot, Munch, is a fan favorite and personally delivers boxes to customers. Munch can be spotted on the Rowan campus delivering cookies to students and chasing his sidekick, Cookie. (You know, the crazy cookie.) This business is all about bringing smiles to customers’ faces and having fun. Fun fact: Munch is also on each delivery box as a sticker and on Cookie Muncher’s t-shirts, which go to donors who pledge of $50 or more.

Thanks to a loyal customer and support base, the campaign is well on its way, but they’re not there yet! Click here to make a pledge today!



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