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Bite into National Burger Month’s Juicy Deliciousness

May is National Burger Month! As we gear up to get our barbecue on, what better way to usher in our month-long celebration than with a lineup of unapologetically decadent burgers from around New Jersey? Check out this video, highlighting some favorites, and the list below for the details!

Long Branch
Bar Burger
8 oz. freshly ground sirloin burger (or veggie burger, made with black beans, mushrooms, kale, roasted red peppers and quinoa)

Bar burger, Avenue, Jersey Bites

Bar Burger, Avenue

Cloverleaf Tavern 
Bacon Fusion Burger
50% ground beef, 50% ground bacon served on a pretzel roll with fresh guacamole and applewood smoked bacon


Bacon Fusion Burger, Cloverleaf Tavern, Jersey Bites

Bacon Fusion Burger, Cloverleaf Tavern

The Committed Pig
Morristown, Manasquan, Summit
Baked Brie Burger
Hanger steak, short rib and brisket blend with creamy brie, bacon, and fig preserves on a potato bun

Baked brie burger, The Committed Pig, Jersey Bites

Baked Brie Burger, The Committed Pig

Halifax Burger
Bacon-onion marmalade, butter lettuce, Fresno sauce, and white cheddar on a brioche bun

Halifax Burger, Halifax, Jersey Bites

Halifax Burger, Halifax

Morris Tap & Grill
Thick cut bacon, bacon onion marmalade, crumbled blue cheese, Bibb lettuce, and bacon aioli

Bacon-Eater, Morris Tap & Grill, Jersey Bites

Bacon-Eater, Morris Tap & Grill (photo by Tony Calarco)

The Old Causeway
OC Burger
Black angus burger topped with fried oysters, roasted mushrooms, horseradish spread, and house-made OC steak sauce

OC Burger, The Old Causeway, Jersey Bites

OC Burger, The Old Causeway

Old Glory Kitchen & Spirits
Bison Burger
10 oz. grilled bison, Wisconsin cheddar, frizzled onions, bacon, and homemade steak sauce

Bison Burger, Old Glory, Kitchen & Spirits, Jersey Bites

Bison Burger, Old Glory, Kitchen & Spirits

Outlaw’s Burger Barn & Creamery
The Smokehouse (Modified)
Triple burger with crisp bacon, house-pickled jalapeno, white cheddar, and house-made bbq sauce

The Smokehouse (Modified), Outlaw's Burger Barn & Creamery, Jersey Bites

The Smokehouse (Modified), Outlaw’s Burger Barn & Creamery

Russell & Bette’s
Russell’s French Onion Burger
Special blend of ground Kobe brisket and chuck char grilled, roasted onion, onion crisps, gruyere cheese and french fries

Russell's French Onion Burger, Russell & Bette's, Jersey Bites

Russell’s French Onion Burger, Russell & Bette’s

The Shannon Rose Irish Pub
Ramsey and Clifton
Murder Burger
Served on a brioche roll with American and pepper jack cheese, sautéed onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, house-made pickles, ketchup and Thousand Island dressing. Dipped in our Harp beer batter and deep-fried until golden and crispy.

Murder Burger, Shannon Rose Irish Pub, Jersey Bites

Murder Burger, The Shannon Rose Irish Pub

Bacon Jam Burger
Seasoned, 100% grass-fed beef, stuffed with Havarti cheese, bacon jam, roasted garlic aioli, and arugula

Bacon Jam Burger, StuffedBurger, Jersey Bites

Bacon Jam Burger, Stuffed

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