How Irish Can You Get? Find Out at Rinn Duin Brewing

In doing some research for a piece about Irish beer for the Asbury Park Press I quite naturally found myself at Rinn Duin Brewing, talking to co-owner Chip Town and his head brewer, Bob Warzercha. The brewery is located in Toms River, but its heart is in Dublin. Irish malt, Guinness ale yeast, UK hops and a water profile that mimics that of the old sod all conspire for an authentic Irish beer experience. If you can’t make it to St. James Gate for St. Patrick’s Day, a visit to Rinn Duin might be the next best thing.

It’s not just stout, either (although they have quite a few great examples). They’ve also revived a mid-19th century Irish pale ale. Drogheda Ale was very popular in Ireland at one time and Rinn Duin has revived it in Blackthorn. It’s unique, complex flavor is coaxed out of just one malt. Check out the video as I discuss the brewing technique for this beer with Bob and Chip. You’ll also get glimpse of what’s on tap for the big day! Sláinte!

Rinn Duin
1540 Rt. 37 W
Toms River