Katie Cavuto’s Whole Cooking and Nutrition

Do you prioritize food? I know what you’re thinking, “I’m reading Jersey Bites—of course I do!” But that’s not what I mean. It’s time to reacquaint yourself with actual food, the stuff that’s designed to go in your body, supporting not only your physical functions but your heart soul as well. It’s what Katie Cavuto, MS, RD, calls mindful eating.

Cavuto is a registered dietitian, chef, freelance writer, and mom who recently published her fist cookbook, Whole Cooking and Nutrition. Her goal is to inspire you to cook and enjoy what she refers to as everyday superfoods. Although the cookbook was written as a primary resource for diabetics, it’s something that can benefit everyone. The recipes are rooted in whole food cooking, intended to create a joyful, healthy eating experience for all.

Cool weather cobbler, Katie Cavuto, Jen Miller, Jersey Bites
Cool weather cobbler

Think you don’t like to cook? Cavuto encourages readers to pick up her cookbook full of scrumptious, easy recipes, play a favorite mixed tape and simply get started. Most of her recipes can be on the table in a short time, especially the oven-baked dishes. “All you have to do is a little prep work then pop the dish in the oven and when the time goes off it’s ready,” says Cavuto. With a little planning and a few minutes in the kitchen, healthy dinner can be served in your house tonight.

whole-cooking-and-nutrition-coverSome of Cavuto’s own favorite recipes include smoky seafood stew, the frittata, everyday herb oil and Moroccan turkey with roasted veggies and cool weather cobbler (pictured above).

When you start eating truly and deeply nourishing food, you can forget the word “diet” as it’s defined in today’s society and eat as much as you want of the foods that you love and never have to fear them again. How great would it be to look at your meals and feel gratitude for being deeply nourished and truly healthy? Why not pick up Cavuto’s book and see for yourself!

For more information on Cavuto, visit her website.
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