Big Red House: a SOUPer Choice for Fall

For me, fall means apples, pumpkins, cozy fires and warm bowls of soup. During the fall I have a penchant for anything and everything soup because it’s the best way to warm up from deep down inside.

Just like salad, a good, quality bowl of soup can provide lots of health benefits through a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats as well as vitamins. (Plus, it’s so comforting!) If you love soup but don’t have time to make some at home, it’s time you checked out Big Red House Soup, based in Hackensack, but available in several locations around New Jersey.

Owner and founder Emily Pancer is warming her customers up for the season with some delicious artisanal, locally inspired, vegetarian and vegan soups that are nutrition packed, gluten free, dairy free and under 100 calories per 8 oz serving! Pancer has created delicious, terrific and full-flavored soup that is taking the humble vegetable to a whole new place. In addition to soup, Big Red House has created some fantastic serving suggestions that make the soup taste like an indulgence with every slurp. Talk about stimulating your senses!



Current Soup Menu
Super Tomato
Veggie Bisque
Veggie Chili
Mushroom Barley
Sweet Potato & Red Lentil
White Bean & Kale

I had the pleasure of sampling the velvety Super Tomato soup, made with wild and brown rice, parmesan cheese, red lentils and spinach. I was left craving more.

When the temperatures start to drop this fall and the days get shorter, reach for a big, healthy bowl of Big Red House! The soup can be found in select Whole Foods Market and Kings Food Market locations as well as other shops, like Aspen Marketplace in Hoboken. Big Red House Soup also takes it on the road, visiting a variety of farmers markets, so be sure to check out the website to get the scoop on upcoming appearances.