Le Malt in Colonia: A Visit to Remember

Since its opening a couple of years ago, Le Malt in Colonia has continued to offer a unique experience for diners in New Jersey. So often people search for “something to do.” Whether it is a date night or a special occasion, sometimes we’re looking for more than another white-tablecloth dinner. Le Malt offers up curated events as well as a luxurious setting in which to enjoy your truffled risotto.

LeMalt2I was fortunate enough to experience the event held with Michael Mondavi Family Wines. Mondavi himself was on hand to explain the rich history of the Mondavi Family wine legacy. It’s one thing to have a wine pairing with your dinner, but another experience entirely to be able to speak with the producers themselves. Mondavi roamed around the Le Malt dining area, speaking with patrons and answering questions. This no doubt made people feel like they were part of something special. I may have especially enjoyed sipping on the Isabel chardonnay and tasting a never-ending stream of dishes put out by Chef Duke Estime. When they put a plate of Le Malt fries in front of me I thought I was in heaven. To be clear, Le Malt is offering much more than french fries: you can sample Hudson Valley foie gras or choose to down some Asian pork belly sliders.

The staff at Le Malt is very attentive, and Himanshu Sahani, executive marketing director, was on hand to make sure everyone had a pleasant experience. Sahani explained how Le Malt has fostered many exciting partnerships with local businesses and notable distributors alike. Check out Le Malt’s list of events and make it a point to book yourself a ticket for an exceptional night in the Garden State!

Le Malt Lounge
1021 St Georges Ave.