Keyport’s Broad Street Diner, Revisited

Last May, I wrote an article about Keyport’s Broad Street Diner, just four months after the diner opened. By December, it had been recognized by The Star-Ledger and as New Jersey’s best diner, for “its winning combination of great food, friendly service and timeless atmosphere.”

I revisited the place for brunch in February—a bright, balmy mid-winter morning—and the Broad Street Diner is better than ever, with owners Nick and Maria Kallas still beaming with joy from their well-deserved recognition. And yes, ever since being honored as being “number one,” the joint has been jumping. But it still retains its convivial, neighborhood character.

The Broad Street Diner continues to be a warm, welcoming establishment, with delicious, outta-sight eats, like the spectacular chocolate babka French toast, topped with fresh kiwi slices, strawberries and blueberries, which I gleefully scarfed up during my revisit. I mean, c’mon now—this ain’t food; it’s a work of art, a masterpiece.

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The circa-1952, Jerry O’Mahony-built diner has been transformed into a magical place for the Keyport faithful and hungry Garden State pilgrims alike. This is a vintage, stainless steel diner that captures golden-age charm with a modern vibe. Maria and Nick: keep on doing what you’re doing and keep on sharing the love.

By the way, the Broad Street Diner’s recipe for its tempting Jersey Boy Breakfast Club Sandwich, with Taylor ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato, and fried eggs, is featured in the forthcoming Jersey Shore Cookbook, out April 12 and written by Jersey Bites founder Deborah Smith. Oh yeah…we know what’s good!

Broad Street Diner
83 Broad Street