Jersey Fresh Fridays Wrap Up for 2015

Jersey Fresh Fridays on Jersey Bites

Jersey Fresh for FallOn May 1, we launched a six-month partnership with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s Jersey Fresh program on a campaign we nicknamed Jersey Fresh Fridays. Over the course of this campaign, we have covered everything from CSAs to CSFs, from blueberry-picking season to pumpkin-picking season, and all the delicious seasons in between. We’ve taken you to tomato tastings, wineries and hop farms, cranberry bogs, and even beach plum farming.  We’ve explored our great state’s fisheries, farmers markets, and county fairs.

Gleaning Jersey Fresh Fridaysbagged scallops offloadedThroughout the course of this partnership, the Jersey Bites team has loved learning along with all of you about new concepts like gleaning and state-sponsored initiatives like Farm to School and the School Gardening program.

Phew! Once you put it all down on (virtual) paper, it adds up to a lot. We knew we had quite a bit of ground to cover from the start. That’s what inspired us to take on this challenge in the first place. New Jersey is an amazing state. That’s pretty much our mantra. It was such a pleasure partnering with a program that shares our passion. We hope you enjoy looking back on the past six months as much as we do. And next spring, we hope to oil up the gears and get back out there for another round of Jersey Fresh updates from around the Garden State.

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