Boo! Seasonal Recipes from Jersey Bites Writers

Whether this is a quick reminder or news to you, it’s worth noting that many Jersey Bites writers have their own food blogs, from Food and Wine Chickie to The Cook’s Tour to A Hungry Teacher, and dozens more (at least!). Here are just a few of our favorite seasonal recipes.

Halloween Candy Bark (pictured above, photo by Amanda Maranino)
Amanda Maranino, Sussex County, Our Italian Kitchen
“I have so much candy, I don’t know what to do with it!”
“Maybe I’ll just throw it all out.” (Followed by, “Nah!”)
“We’re never going to eat it all.”
If you’ve ever said–or even thought–these words, this is the recipe for you. Adapted from a Bon Appetit recipe she spotted, Sussex County’s Amanda Maranino came up with this awesomely sweet, autumnal twist on a treat that’s usually a winter classic.

Fall Sangria
Melissa Baratta, Ocean County, Some Sugar Added
This festive sangria has all the flavors of fall, but without the overwhelming sweetness of most fall and Halloween cocktails. And sangria isn’t the only thing Melissa knows how to whip up for a party, as her blog reveals. With jalapeno corn dip and French onion soup crostini on the menu (recipes linked in her post), she leaves readers ready to rock a fall festival in their home.

fall sangria
Photo by Melissa Baratta for Some Sugar Added


Helena’s Pumpkin Cookies
Kathy Mathieu, Bergen County, Food Sharing Network
This cookie recipe featured on Kathy Mathieu’s Food Sharing Network will take you from Halloween into Thanksgiving, and beyond.

Photo by Helena Dinis for Food Sharing Network
Photo by Helena Dinis for Food Sharing Network


Happy (healthy) Halloween
Hillary Irwin, Union County, Simply Beautiful Mom
Carrots, peppers, bananas, and oranges, are among the many fresh foods not usually associated with Halloween. Once you check out this amazing collection of ideas and tips from Hillary Irwin, you’ll have a whole new perspective on the meaning of October 31.

Photo by Hillary Irwin, for