Schnackenberg’s in Hoboken

Founded in 1931 on Washington Street in Hoboken, Schnackenberg’s shines as brightly today as when it first opened, over 80 years ago. With almost 100 years at the same location, Schnackenberg’s is a Hoboken—and New Jersey—institution. Beloved for their sumptuous breakfasts and decadent homemade donuts, it is wise to come here hungry, and even wiser to plan on bringing home some of those donuts to have for breakfast the following morning.

egg sandwichWith options like an oatmeal sundae, which consists of oatmeal, fresh berries and vanilla ice cream  or the vegetable omelette, with spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and onions, breakfast decisions suddenly become very difficult. Keep in mind that among the decadence that Schnackenberg’s Culinary Institute of America-trained chef whips up, there also exists such dreaminess as a Nutella coffee milkshake and a café mocha milkshake that this author, gentle reader, is too intimidated to try, for fear of never leaving Schnackenberg’s.

Eugene and Joyce Flynn are the owners of Schnackenberg’s, milkshakehaving purchased it from the daughter of the founders. They run several restaurants in Hoboken, and have become known for excellence with each establishment.

“We are of the mindset that lowbrow food requires the same care and quality as haute cuisine,” says Joyce. “Everything is fresh and made from scratch including our awesome donuts.” The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and we would certainly vouch that Schnackenberg’s strikes a perfect balance between traditional comfort food and innovative and exciting inventions.

menuJoyce mentions one of the must-try items is the Eggstzel: herbed scrambled eggs in a pretzel crust in the shape of a hand-held bun. Joyce goes on, “And then there are the four-layer coconut and chocolate cakes…”

With strong offerings on each menu, the hardest decision is what not to order. Schnackenberg’s is best enjoyed with at least one other person so you can share plates. So come very hungry, and prepare to have one of the most satisfying eating experiences of your life.