A Decadent Dozen in Bergen County: Glaze Donuts

Behold, it’s the day of the donut.

And it’s about time, don’t you think?

I recently had the chance to check out Glaze Donuts, an artisanal donut shop in New Milford.

Quality and Care

What makes Glaze Donuts unique? Well, I can tell you that the aroma alone upon entering the shop transported me to another place in time. It smelled like an “old-tyme bake shoppe:” a buttery, yeasty, sugary smell with just a hint of coffee.

It was absolutely heavenly!

And that’s probably due, in part, to what goes IN to making these artisanal treats.

“As a child growing up in New Jersey, you could always find quality, great tasting donuts at farm stores or down the shore,” says founder Jules Hazou. “What makes us different is our commitment to producing premium quality traditional and eccentric donuts and baked goods.”

This means donuts made without preservatives, artificial coloring, or high fructose corn syrup. And everything is cooked in small batches.

If one gets too oily or over done? It doesn’t make the display case. Plain and simple.

Fab Flavors

If you pick up the Glaze Donuts flyer or visit the website, you’ll see more than 50 varieties of Classic, Glazed & Infused, and Artisan Donuts.

Sure, there’s your standard glazed, powdered, cinnamon, and chocolate frosted (my personal favorite). But then there’s – ready for this? – maple bacon, banana foster, white chocolate pretzel and sea salt, French toast, piña colada, Aztec chocolate, Twix style, bourbon caramel, mango, blood orange, Reversed Jersey, and more.

And even when we’re talking about flavors like lemon, wild strawberry, peach, and blueberry – the folks at Glaze tell me they’re not using factory-made, artificially dyed flavorings. If it’s strawberry season, you’re getting freshly preserved strawberries in your strawberry-filled donut.

And that maple bacon donut? It’s topped with premium cut smoked bacon and SO decadent that it might be best shared.(I did think it could have been a hint crispier for maximum flavor, texture, and overall WOW factor.)

Glaze tells me that they change up the flavors on a daily basis, but standards like chocolate frosted, glazed, powdered and the aforementioned rock star, maple bacon are pretty much always present.

My family sampled the sour cream, cannoli, chocolate frosted, maple bacon, glazed, and triple chocolate varieties. My favorites were a tie between the chocolate frosted and sour cream.

In addition to donuts, Glaze offers Zepps (zeppole), Beignets, Crepes, Muffins, Croissants, Cookies and Breakfast Sandwiches, along with a full hot and iced coffee menu.

Glaze Donuts
358 River Road
New Milford