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Fresh Direct’s Summer Celebration Maryland Crab Kit


In full disclosure, this product was provided to me for free. As always, all views and opinions are my own.

Is there a better way to celebrate both the first day of summer and Father’s Day than with hot, steamed crabs? Well in my family, we couldn’t think of one, so a crab feast is what we had. Not wanting to make a huge mess of our parents’ kitchen, but hoping to produce a meal worthy of my dad, we found just the solution with Fresh Direct’s Maryland Crab Party kit.

The seamless presentation

The compact crab kits were delivered right on time, Saturday afternoon and we carefully stashed them away in the refrigerator until Sunday afternoon. Flash forward to lunchtime Sunday and I started to worry: Had we over promised on the “incredible” lunch we were preparing for my dad?

The complete party kit, along with corn on the cob

My fears were for nothing. After opening the boxes, I was pleasantly surprised. Instructions on how to heat the crabs (to perfection) were on top, along with craft paper to line the table, crab crackers, bibs, and two bags of large Maryland crabs – already steamed and seasoned. Wow! Could they make it any easier?!

Crab cooking made easy

We heated up a large pot of water and added some beer, as suggested. I layered the crabs, put the pot top on and set the timer. After the water boiled our crabs were ready in just 8 minutes. I happily piled the hot crabs into a large bowl and trotted out to my hungry family, who had the table prepared for our feast. We also received a few ears of corn on the cob from Fresh Direct, so we served them alongside the crabs for the ultimate crab boil experience.

Digging in!

There was a quick toast of rosé and then the sounds of cracking were all we heard. The crabs – in short – were delicious. Meaty, well-seasoned, fresh. We couldn’t get enough. The shells piled higher and eventually we ran out. We all sat back full and with incredibly messy, Old Bay and shell-covered hands. I know what you’re thinking – ‘and then you had the mess to clean up!’ But no, we carefully wrapped the kraft paper into a large trash bag and our feast was complete. No mess. No worry.

Happy Father’s Day!

On the drive home, I mused about all of the summer occasions and parties we had coming up where we could “gift” a kit of crabs. It’s not conventional but what a way to stand out? Skip the potato salad, we’re bringing Maryland crabs! And in our small apartment, we try to keep messy meals to a minimum. Limited counter space, no dishwasher, our coffee table doubling as a kitchen table – not ideal for a seafood fest. But I’m confident that even in our tiny home, we could host a pretty impressive dinner with these Maryland crab kits. In fact…we have a party coming up this Saturday. Time to place our order!

Looking to order the Maryland Crab Party Kit. Get it here!



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