Upgrade Your Passover Table with Luxx Chocolat

Bergen County’s Luxx Chocolat is at it again, winning more awards and whipping up crazy delicious, beautiful concoctions left and right. New for this company so far this year, which is owned and operated by Chef and Master Chocolatier Lisa Mecray Rogers, are her latest award winners from The International Chocolate Salon and Taste TV, which include “2015 Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America,” and “2015 Best Hot Cocoa & Drinking Chocolate.” Her chocolate creations are works of art, but it’s not too pretty to eat! They are a sensual experience meant for the eyes and the taste buds.

Her new matza creation may cause your eyes to bug out of your head like a cartoon character’s might, and the phrase “Wowza!” to escape your mouth. Whether you’re looking for a fun Passover treat or gift (note: this product is not fully certified Kosher for Passover, although the matza is), or, like me, just really love the crunchy, salty-sweetness of caramel and chocolate covered matza/matzah/matzoh! (However you choose to spell it, it’s still just as scrumptious.)

A huge amount of customer requests for quality chocolate-covered matza inspired Mecray Rogers to action. There was nothing decent out there in the market, her customers complained, but as a chocolate innovator, she couldn’t just dip matza in chocolate. You’ve seen and possibly even made the toffee-and-chocolate-coated matza treats that are all over sites like Pinterest. Let me emphasize: this is not that candy. Mecray Rogers is (as usual) doing things her own way. Unlike the crunchy toffee we’ve seen before, the matza in her chocolate is the sole crunch factor, providing a textural contrast to the more high-end toppings. Yes, we all love that crispy, flaky cracker, but it’s not just about the matza here! The matza is really used as a vehicle to deliver a soft, über creamy caramel and smooth, deep dark chocolate to your eagerly awaiting mouth. Watch the video and feel your mouth start to water.

Her chocolate-covered “Wowza Matza” starts with a crispy, flaky Yahuda’s gluten-free matza cracker imported from Jerusalem, which is slathered in a thick layer of her famous, secret family recipe caramel: a buttery, silky, creamy sheet that pulls into glossy ribbons. The caramel is accented with Sicilian Trapani Sea Salt and then finished with a coating of single-origin 64% dark chocolate (cacao sourced from the Dominican Republic,) decorated with four colorful, swirling patterns of cocoa butter. As with all of Luxx Chocolat chocolates, this treat is free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

bunny imageIf you’re doing some last-minute Easter shopping, also in season are her new Easter eggs and Snazzy B bunnies to stuff your kids’ baskets, and boozy marshmallows and “Bad” Bunnies for mom and dad to keep for themselves! The Xggxellent Easter box has four hand-painted eggs: the CinnaFig Salted Caramel, the Xstrawberry, CocoCreme, and the Lemon Lavender Salted Caramel, all made with 72% dark chocolate (cacao from Venezuela) and ready to be delivered by the adorable pinky-purple Snazzy B salted caramel bunny. Her handmade marshmallows are like pillows and come in two flavors: the Cocostar: toasted coconut with Malibu rum, and the ChamBerry: raspberry with Chambord blackberry liqueur, both topped with a French Rochee (toasted almond cluster) dipped in 72% dark chocolate. Try these and join the anti-Peep campaign, because you’ll never want anything less.

Follow Luxx Chocolat on the platforms listed below. And if you don’t require shipping, local pickup is available at restaurant Mémoire in Ridgewood. And please remember, these chocolates are meant to eaten, not just gawked at, so enjoy them!

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