A Cocktail and Tips for National Garlic Day

Today—National Garlic Day—Carmine’s at The Quarter at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. gives the traditional martini an Italian makeover. The popular family-style restaurant is offering pickled garlic martinis, with your choice of gin or vodka. They add their homemade pickled garlic and shake until it’s icy cold, then top with a basil leaf. The sophisticated libation will be available today—Sunday, April 19—for $11.

The celebration continues with Carmine’s off-the-menu special: roasted-garlic-infused chocolate mint sauce over Italian cheesecake, only available on National Garlic Day!

Thinking about making your own garlic-infused cocktail or dish today? Below are some garlic buying, storing, and cooking tips from Glenn Rolnick, director of culinary operations of the Alicart Restaurant Group.

Tip #1
How to pick garlic:

Look for heads that are heavy for their size, and enclosed in dry, papery layers. Avoid garlic with soft spots or sprouts.

Tip #2

If you store it at a cool room temperature and in a well-ventilated area, garlic should keep for up to one month.

Tip #3

Be careful not to cook garlic past the point of being golden brown, or it will become bitter.

Tip #4

Don’t throw away the garlic skins! Save them in your freezer and use them for vegetable or chicken stock.

Tip #5
Lose the garlic breath:

Chewing gum or having a breath mint may help but some swear by eating raw apples, or drinking lemon juice or green tea.