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A mecca of all things seafood, local, and delicious, the Milford Oyster House is a brother-and-sister-owned-and-operated restaurant, and a true expression of its owners’ personalities. Chef Ed Coss’ attention to culinary excellence and Amy Coss’ attention to creating a dining experience that’s second to none is evident in every detail. From the way they very kindly and personally greet their patrons, to the friendly and helpful wait staff, to the impressive wine list and marvelous array of fresh and amazing appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Everything is infused with a dedication to whole, local food that follows the seasons and world-class, personalized service. It’s no wonder the Milford Oyster House has a large and loyal following.

Recently, I had a truly extraordinary dining experience at The Milford Oyster House and I wasn’t alone: the restaurant was buzzing with the sounds of enthusiastic guests. Here’s a peek at a few of the amazing dishes:


Shrimp Citron: Jumbo shrimp served in a creamy lemon sauce. A savory and satisfying way to wake up your taste buds.
Sautéed Escargot: Tender snails in a Fino sherry-chive cream sauce wrapped in a crepe. A happy marriage of two famous French menu items.
Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels in Old Bay tomato broth: A briny and satisfying bowl of bivalves.


Sautéed Petite Lobster Tails: Atop house-made pappardelle with pomodoro sauce. A visually stunning, vibrant and light pasta dish topped with delectable, succulent lobster.
Oyster House Shellfish Stew: Shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels and a little bit of lobster in a tomato bouillabaisse broth flavored with fennel and saffron. An epicurean delight for shellfish lovers.
Sautéed Madai Snapper with pineapple relish: A sweet and flavorsome entrée served with broccoli and potatoes.


Chocolate Raspberry Tart: Thick ganache poured into a pastry shell and topped with fresh raspberries. A decadent and blissful way to end a fabulous meal.
Chocolate Pot De Crème- lighter than pudding denser than a mousse, heaven in a bowl- Eat this and words will likely fail you.
Chocolate Pot De Crème

Everything was polished, local, Jersey made and presented in a beautiful, personalized way. I think it’s time you visited Hunterdon County’s small town of Milford to treat yourself to an exceptional eating experience.

Milford Oyster House
92 Water Street
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