Jar Goods Classic Red: Product Review and Recipes

I recently received a sample jar of fresh sauce from Jar Goods, based in Hoboken. I always love receiving samples before reviewing a product, because not only does it enable me to relay to my readers a personal encounter wJar Goods Product Imageith the product, but also because it provides such a wonderful first impression when distributors make a thoughtful, personal effort to provide me with the opportunity experience their product in my very own home, with my own recipes! It allows me to sample the product on foods that I cook regularly, which, in turn, makes it more relatable and practical for others!

Now, I must admit, coming from a family of amazing cooks and a life of big, Italian Sunday dinners with fresh Sunday gravy each week, I am what you might call a tough critic. In fact, this is the FIRST jarred sauce I’ve ever tried in my life! And I must say, I was quite impressed! A job well done, Jar Goods! Rich, flavorful, and fresh, the Classic Red resembles the flavor you’d expect from an authentic, homemade red sauce meant to be poured over a big, fresh bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. If you’re looking for an alternative to your homemade Sunday sauce, this product would be a wonderful choice. Jar Goods Classic Red’s packaging is warm, welcoming, and, as the jar claims, “very special”– notably similar to the feeling of a delicious Sunday dinner shared with your family.

According to John Vitelli of Jar Goods, “Classic Red is made in small batches with simple, fresh ingredients. It’s a versatile, gourmet sauce of complex flavor. Classic Red is gluten free, vegan and all natural, made with vine ripened non-GMO tomatoes, 100% pure olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh onions and basil.”

You can read the story behind the sauce on the company’s website.  And follow Jar Goods both on Twitter and Instagram.

Here are the recipes I used at home when sampling my very own Jar Goods Classic Red:

Fried Polenta Patties
Serves 8

Jar Goods Classic Red Ingredients Polenta

1 package pre-cooked polenta (I used Trader Joe’s)
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
½ cup Jar Goods Classic Red
1 cup fresh basil leaves

1. In a small sauce pot, bring Jar Goods Classic Red to a simmer in order to preheat. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking or burning.
2. Slice polenta into thin slices. Do not pile the slices, as the polenta breaks apart/sticks together very easily.
3. Heat 3 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil in a sautée pan on med-high heat.
4. Once oil is heated, lightly fry each slice of polenta, about 5 minutes per side, or until golden and crispy on each side.
5. Remove polenta from pan and place on a large plate or platter.
6. Top each polenta slice with about a tablespoon of Jar Goods Classic Red and a fresh basil leaf.
7. Repeat this in batches. Serve hot and enjoy!

Jar Goods Classic Red Cooked Polenta, Christine Florio, Jersey Bites
Fried polenta patties

Gluten-Free Rotini
Serves 4

1 package gluten-free pasta (I used Trader Joe’s)
2 jars Jar Goods Classic Red
1 cup fresh basil leaves

1. Fill ¾ large sauce pot with water and bring to a boil.
2. Once water is boiling, add pasta and ¼ cup kosher sea salt.
3. Once pasta is cooked to satisfaction (this depends on how well done you prefer your pasta), drain in a large strainer.
4. Return pasta to large sauce pot. Pour Jar Goods Classic Red and ½ cup basil leaves over pasta, and stir until mixed.
5. Serve and enjoy in medium sized bowls and top with remaining basil leaves.

Jar Goods Classic Red Cooked Rotini, Christine Florio, Jersey Bites
Gluten-free rotini


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